Are you up for the Challenge?

Got the winter blues? Running low on inspiration? Need a little pick-me-up?? I've got just the right thing. There's a new challenge in town, and Scarlett needs some participants. I just met Scarlett Lanson recently when she started logging in to read my blog. She is a contributing editor over at Beadwork magazine and does some AMAZING jewelry designs. (Read her Blog)
Scalett is hosting a very cool challenge on her blog. It's the USE THE MUSE CHALLENGE! The competition is for all levels and genres of beaders. stringers, beadweavers, and embroiderers

How to play along:
You buy a Muse KIT.
You use the beads in the kit to create your submission. But you HAVE to use the Muse.
What's the muse?

A mystery component, that participants do not get to see until it arrives in the mailbox with the kit. The element complements the rest of the contest kit and may be a focal, pendant, art bead, or unique design component.

The Muse should be kept secret until the big reveal.
The sponsors for this challenge are Brass Bouquet, and Rainbows of Light and they have both donated the BEST prizes I've seen in a challenge in a while!! Read more about the contest. I'm totally participating. What better way to spice things up! A great challenge to get your blood flowing, and brain working. And the use of components you might not normally use! Sounds fun to me!
Hope you all at least read more about it.


  1. Anonymous1/28/2009

    Thank you SO MUCH Lorelei for helping me spread the word! You are AWESOME! I can already see your readers stopping by to read about the USE THE MUSE Contest details for themselves.

  2. I'm headed over to enter now! sounds like so much fun!

  3. Anonymous1/28/2009

    This is awesome!! I might see if I can find an extra $30 so I can enter! FUN!

  4. I'm in! thanks for the tip!

  5. I ordered my kit 2 days ago. So excited to see so many great beaders participating. Should be lots of fun.


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