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I got a SURPRISE in my mailbox yesterday!

I got the heads up that something was coming my way when I logged onto Doreen's Backyard Beads Blog and it said that Lorelei was getting some snail mail. I was so excited to read this news, and waited patiently to receive my little surprise. When I ripped open the Priority box, I find this sweet little raffia tied box within the tissue. When I got a better look...

The cutest little handmade owl that at first I couldn't tell if it was an old antique artifact, or indeed handmade out of clay. Come to find out, Doreen made it, along with a few other Owl friends. Hopefully she'll show us the others on her blog someday. Inside the package, a collection of the most beautiful handmade polymer clay beads I have seen in a while. The detailing, and the color is truly amazing. A photograph does not do it justice. For Sure! Thank you Doreen for sending some beads my way. I am going to have some fun playing around them.

Here are some new goodies you can expect to show up in the shop today. My first little ring, actually came out pretty cool. I used one of the antique buttons I found on my antiquing trip last weekend. Turned out so cool. Very retro.

Next, a wire wrapped bracelet with some awesome Serpentine nuggets that I found at the Antique fair last summer. I threw in this etched red stone round, a red lamp work bead from Cindy Hoo, an golden ball antique button, and Vintaj Brass tree charm. Old and New comes together quite well!

Simple but funky beaded bracelet with some dyed Buri Nut beads, and an asymmetrically placed faceted Prehnite round. I love the color combination in this piece. I used a handmade picture charm from Lola of The Lola Collection. I handforged some steel wire into a hook and eye clasp.

Here are some earrings using a pair of Lynn Davis' new Hearts. I added a couple of deep red Buri Nut beads as accents. They got really well with the charm bracelet that I also made with Lynn's charms.

My charm bracelet turned out just as I had hoped. This dyed ribbon that I found at Antica, really went so well with the colors of the charms. I added in some buttons, because well, why not?!? And some teal coin beads that are a strange stone I hadn't heard of before. Bought them at BeadsOnSale, they are called: Cuprite

Used another Pin-Up girl pendant from Heather Wynn. I love the colors in this piece. The brown wood accents the whole piece, causing the colors to pop even more. Asymmetrical design again. Little seed beads in between each bead.

And Finally the last necklace. Another Heather Wynn pendant, this time with cute little birds on a branch. The buttons I used were found last weekend, and are antique, and bone I think. They play off the pendant perfectly. This piece reminds me of my Grandmother who was an avid bird watcher, and loved feeding the birds in her yard all year round. I think she would have really loved the use of old buttons in jewelry. xox miss you Grandma.

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  1. You are a lucky duck!!
    And your newest creations are just outstanding. Love the charm bracelet.

  2. I love the old buttons you use. I'm a big believer in using found objects and buttons, keys etc.
    You outdid yourself with these.

  3. the serpentine bracelet is fab! love it! doreen's beads are gorgeous too. i was checking out her flickr page just the other day.

  4. My my but you've been a busy girl. It all looks just gorgeous. I especially love how you are incorporating the buttons. It just keeps getting better and better. LeAnn

  5. Wow! You've been busy! Excellent new pieces!

  6. Is that a new banner? Love it! (of course love the jewelry too!)

  7. Thank you everyone!

    Yes I made this banner myself, this morning. I followed some instructions I found on Etsy. I really like how it turned out! I'm really surprised I could do it!

  8. It is definitely your day...
    I totally fell in love with the necklace using Heather's bird pendant.

  9. I love that buri bead bracelet with the green charm. You really know how to complement Heather's work :)

  10. Hi Beth!
    Thank you! Actually that charm was made by Lola of The Lola Collection, not Heather.

  11. I just love the bird necklace, as you know since I bought two bird necklaces from you already, I love bird jewelry. very pretty!

  12. Thank you Sarah!!
    That necklace is on sale in my Etsy Shop!! ;)

  13. Lorelei, I am glad you liked your little package! I love the new banner too. Where are those instructions?

  14. Hey Doreen!
    I love my new beads. I was admiring them last night. I'll probably hoard them for awhile before I use them. But don't worry, I'll send you pics when I put them into something.
    Here's the instructions on making a banner:

  15. The charm bracelet turned out so glorious, Lorelei! Love the earrings too, you are the designing diva du jour, ma'am!

    Well balanced, with a little flippant air and a hint of vintage chic - that's how I think of your designs.

  16. Anonymous1/30/2009

    My Bead Style mag was in the mail today, 1st thing I turned to page 48 and it looks so good. All your new jewelry is wonderful and I love the charm bracelet.


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