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I don't know about you but my sales are sucky right now. The economy- Poor. Basic bottom line. No one is buying jewelry. Much less Handmade goods. At least not from me. So what is what to do? What do you do when sales are down? How do you not get completely discouraged, throwing up your hands and say: %$#@ it. I'm done.
I figured I'd peruse my sold section and try
to re-make some tried and true designs from the past. Eh. Why not? If they sold once, maybe similar designs will sell again? And maybe just maybe, I'll make a sale or two and be able to buy some beads. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  1. Wow all of those pieces are lovely, I especially love that first pic, beautiful!

  2. The revisits are beautiful! And don't go throwing in the towel! It is just plain @*#&$ty out there! I'm working twice as hard. I noticed a big slump in December 2007. It was a tough 2008! I hope that we have a better 2009! Things will pick up! I heard a story about the economy on NPR that basically said, if people spent their money on things they wanted (a new bike, a piece of jewelry a lap top) instead of holding onto it in investments, they would actually have something they enjoy and wouldn't have lost that money in stock market or other "portfolios". I've been trying to do that. XO

  3. Yep, that old bad word, economy! I noticed Dec. 07 was bad, too. Hopefully things will turn around. I love all the photos, though, Lorelei, and I think you'll have success.

  4. January is always a slow time for me. People are recovering from holiday spending, I think revisiting popular designs is a great idea.

    Also, now is a good time to market Valentine gifts. Keep going, it will get better.

  5. Certainly don't toss in the towel! I would be so mad if you did! ;-)

    Could it be because it's just after the holidays? I don't run a business (yet) so I'm not sure what to gauge it against.

    I'm sure the state of the economy has a lot to do with it.

  6. economy, economy, economy. it'll get better. i'm happy you used one of my copper pieces in your revisit the past series. =)
    all of these pieces are very lovely. i'm sure they'll sell quickly!
    my husband is self employed and january is always one of the slowest months of the year. people are recovering from holidays and of course, the economy rots, so everyone feels the pinch. hang in there!

  7. I am just sure it is the economy! Your jewelry is beautiful!

  8. The bright spot about not selling anything is that when the economy does turn around, your shop will be well stocked and the customers will have some gorgeous pieces to select from.

  9. You have too much talent to just give up. What else would or could you do that would give you just as much pleasure?
    Your sales will pick up. Your prices are not out of line and they will sell when it's matched with the right person.

    I love the pieces with the skeleton keys!

  10. Anonymous1/18/2009


    I can totally relate to this feeling. At the resort I started selling my jewelry at in September, business has completely dropped off. The first two months I got huge checks, the next two were down 30%. And then for December... nothing. I didn't even get my Christmas sales. The salesgirls in the boutique assured me that there is just no traffic and occupancy is really low. But I still don't understand what happen to the gift shoppers. Anyway, I found the best way for me generate more sales is to move the energy around and bring in new stock. That's my plan for this coming week at least... drop off new and exciting pieces. Sometimes I think I should recreate something I've sold in the past, but I would only do that if I felt it was inspiring me. Usually I need the creative energy to continue to flow in order to keep the money energy flowing. So I would say, only repeat pieces if that is satisfying to you. Don't do it just for the sake of pattern - everybody is different and there is a perfect somebody out there for every piece you have!

  11. Anonymous1/18/2009

    I admire your work, please don't give up, times will get better... It's just the financial situation, not your jewelry!
    I only sell the occasional piece to colleagues, friends and neighbors, but even those haven't bought anything at all lately. I guess we'll all just have to be patient...


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