The Goods!

[*we split the large bag of buttons,
laid them out on the dining room table
and picked out our favorites!]

Tara and I had a great time today, on our little antiquing expedition. We braved the blowing snow and cold, and headed down to Madison Bouckville, N.Y. to check out the shops that are open all year round. There are only a handful of them, that are. We met some really super friendly shop owners, and had a ball looking through shelves and shelves of fun, old items. The gears in both of our heads, spinning and spinning with ideas of craftiness. I think we went to 4 shops in total. The third shop we walked into, had it's very own bead section. How lucky is that! The woman running the shop makes her own beaded jewelry, and sells strands of different gemstone beads. She also offered some large gem pendants individually. I found a couple of faceted Amazonite beads that will be great for earrings.

She also sells some silver findings, and I bought three small silver S clasps. I also bought a strand of the coolest shape and color, Dragonskin Jasper.

They are some sort of faceted nugget shape that is really fun and interesting, with the most beautiful green color. After asking for some buttons and keys, the owners whipped out the {hidden} stash and we made out with a HUGE bag of various buttons and several skeleton keys.

Some other finds of the day were some skeleton keys, and a collection of cool larger sized buttons.

You just never know what you'll find in some of these shops. There is ALWAYS a treasure to find!


  1. HA! but the key is to know it when you see it, and to know what to do with it when you buy it!!!

    You did good!

  2. Wow! what great finds!
    Your a lucky girl......

  3. What an adventure! It sounds like a fun day! It's making me want to pull out some of my buttons! Thanks!

  4. Ooh, sounds like a great day - I love the keys you found. Congrats on BeadStyle! I can't wait to see the issue.

  5. Oh... delish goodies. I made beads yesterday that have the exact same shape as those dragonskin jasper ones!! I did mine in a soft milky green with faux "facets". Too cool. I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

  6. Hey Kerry!
    Oh cool. Will you show them on your blog?? I'd love to see them! Would they match these?
    Thanks for coming by my blog! I had no idea you were a reader!

  7. Anonymous1/25/2009


    Looks like you had a great time...and that box of old buttons are each so unique!

  8. Anonymous1/25/2009

    I am drooling over here!! Great finds!! I just love those big buttons! Very cool!

  9. Cool finds - I like that jasper - can't seem to find anything like that anywhere! I have a question for you - when you go out, do you have things in mind, or do you just buy things that you see and happen to like? I never have an idea, I buy stuff, then it sits! But I love your picks!

  10. Hi Sue!
    Not really. If I have specific things in mind when I go shopping for beads, I never end up finding what I need. It's better if I just pick stuff that I Like. but then I run the risk of having a lot of different beads that don't really go together.
    And I buy WAY TOO MANY green beads.

  11. Treasures! That's what we call it when we go antiquing. Treasure hunting. It's just something that you know that you know you have to have it...a treasure! And you found great ones..

  12. Hey, wanna loan me those big buttons so I can cast a mold off those beautiful ornate shapes, LOL! I'm envious, my brown eyes are green with wishful thinking... What a lucky strike, my dear!


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