High Tea

Yesterday afternoon, from 2-4pm, I attended high tea with my friends Tara and Maggie. The three of us work at the museum together. Tara found out from a friend that some places do afternoon tea and they found the Rosemont Inn by going to TeaMap.com.
The Rosemont Inn is located on Genesee Street in Utica. It's a lovely old Victorian house and I believe there are 7-8 rooms available. Rita is the Bed and Breakfast owner, and she served us our tea. This was my first time doing afternoon tea. I felt so grown-up and sophisticated. We loved it!
The first course: English Breakfast tea, Savory treats: Curried Chicken salad on little bread wedges, a Mediteranean spread on rye, water crackers with a pesto and cheese layered concoction, Cucumber and mint on bread wedges. It was delicious. The tea was served in one these fancy tea pots that allows you to brew from loose leaves. The dining room was really quite beautiful with a nice marble fireplace and decorative glass balls hanging from the chandelier. (click the pictures to see them bigger)

This first photo is looking from the dining room into the formal double parlor. And here is Maggie enjoying her tea. The second course- Cream scones with cherry, and assorted jams. These were the best scones I've ever had. They were so moist and I love anything with cherries. The tea served with this course was Assam Tea.

Here I am sipping a bit of the third course tea. I can't remember the name of it but it had a much smokier flavor than the first two. The third course was more sweets. I multi-tiered server with assorted cookies, a cake with dryed fruit, lemon tarts, biscotti, and a light citrus fruit cake. Here is Tara with her signature tea drinking pose. ;)

Rita has different themes depending on the month. The one we attended yesterday was the Winter Snowflake Tea. We want to definitely book our tea for next month- Chocolate Tea. Here's the menu:

Available ONLY in February

Pesto Blossom with Pita Crackers
(provolone & cream cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes)
Curried Chicken Salad on Whole Wheat
Cucumber Mint Sandwiches

English Breakfast Tea

Cream Scones with
Assorted Jams & Whipped Cream

Assam Tea

Double Chocolate Rose Cakes
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Rich Chocolate Shortbread Tarts
Assorted Chocolate Cookies

Selection of Herbal Teas

Santander Hot Chocolate

And Rita said she may serve us tea in February, in the formal Parlor which is typically where they served tea back in the day. In front of the fireplace.

We got a lovely tour of her B&B. We were able to see 3 of the rooms and they were all equally comfortable and beautiful. All with sweet names like Chantilly, and Lavender.

If you are ever in the area, and need a place to stay, I highly recommend the Rosemont Inn. And if you are ever in the area, call me up and we'll do Afternoon tea!

Reservations: 866-353-4907