I am in love with these carved
wood Ojime netsuke beads. I can't get enough. I ordered several more last night. They just add such a great element to a piece of jewelry. They are so whimsical and enchanting. I also love that they are wood. Another of my most favorite elements to work with lately in jewelry.
As you could probably tell, I don't really follow trends in jewelry design. I don't buy InStyle magazine, or any of the fashion magazines to keep up on what's HOT right NOW. I really just like to make what I like. I like this bracelet a lot. It felt good when I put it on. The Fossil Coral stones are cold and smooth but after it's on it warms up to your body temp and you can't even feel it on.

This is a pretty easy design. Just beads strung on wire. I found that I really like using Beadalon's size .18 beading wire in matte gold. It's a really close color to the brass that I use. They used to carry the brass color wire at our local A.C. Moore until that store closed a few months ago. So the only place I can buy wire is at Michael's and they don't carry the bronze/brass color. The matte gold does the trick.
I'm afraid this was all I could muster in the studio last night. I was so beat tired from yesterday. We are packing up a show at the museum and I think Tara and I packed up 8 crates by ourselves, each crate holding at least 15 framed photographs. I also didn't get a lot of sleep the night before due to a stupid decision to drink a glass of orange juice before bed. The sugar made me have that restless leg syndrom but in my whole body!

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!


  1. One of the reasons I love your jewelry is that you don't follow HOT, INSTYLE jewelry. Continue to follow your own muse.

  2. Thank you Beth! I will!!

  3. I really love the warm colours of this bracelet. And that bead is just wonderful. The whole thing just makes me want to touch each stone and bead.

  4. That bead is stunning and the bracelet is oh so lovely. :) Kudos to you for not studying bead mag's for what's trendy and making what you want. I do the same. It's the best way to grow and an artist or crafter.

  5. The Ojime bead is so special! I love it! The whole piece that is!

  6. Love that bracelet. I have a mermaid bead that I got at a bead show. She is so cool. Looks like you did something different to your web page, I'm liking the look.

  7. The warm shades of brown are lovely -great design!

  8. Anonymous1/08/2009

    I love what you did with the fossil beads! And that carved wood bead is breathtaking! Really gorgeous!


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