A Leaky Roof

Saturday morning we woke up and shuffled downstairs to find a very leaky roof in our family room. Wouldn't have been so bad, had it not been right over my sectional couch. The couch isn't ruined, fortunately, and has dried up perfectly. The ceiling was leaking in 5 different spots. The problem: Ice backing up where the sloped roof meets the flat roof of the added on family room.
We've had some leaking in this room since we moved in but it had never been quite this bad.
Here's a photo diary. Click the pictures to see the "notes".

The leaking prompted quick action. Joe went and up and removed all the snow and ice from the roof immediately. The leaking quickly dissipated after that. But this all initiated other things. We had planned to remove the Christmas tree Sunday so before we did that we had to move the sectional that was shoved up against it on the opposite side of this room. We brainstormed to figure out a way where the leaking wouldn't affect the couch. So we devised a plan to remove the couch in front of the fireplace, put it in the office, (which ended up meaning I had to clean the office- which I had been wanting to do anyway) Move part of the sectional into the formal living room, and leave the largest section of the couch in the family room but move it away from where the leaks were.
On the upside, the office is now totally clean, and feels a bit more homey than it did before.
Needless to say though, I feel all facocked with all the furniture in disarray. I like to have order(with exception to the office) and I felt like everything was in it's place and nicely decorated. I know it's all temporary. We have to contact the insurance company today to find out if we could maybe file a claim for the damage. It definitely needs to be fixed and financially we can't do it right now.
So this was my weekend.
Back to the grind today.


  1. Anonymous1/05/2009

    We had ice damming problems. You need a material under the shingles called snow and ice shield, its a barrier that will prevent the water coming in when the shingles pop. We also had some success with heat tape in the gutter to keep the water flowing instead of building up.
    At least it did not leak on your jewelry!!!!


  2. I completely understand the upset of having to move everything around. Good luck and I hope things get back to normal soon!

  3. ugh! I'm sorry that what you had to spend your weekend doing Lorelei. I hope the insurance company will be kind!

  4. Anonymous1/05/2009

    What a bummer, Lorelei. So sorry that happened. But I loved getting your little house "tour", the photos of your sweet abode. Your colors and all, make it look so cozy and inviting. Can I come by for tea and bead talk? :) Hope things get fixed up for you.

  5. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I'll be anxious to see how soon we can get it fixed. I really don't think that we'll be able to go all winter with it like this!!
    Sonja, thank you!
    You can come over for tea and beads anytime you want!

  6. I feel your pain from first hand leaky experience Lorelei. Our insurance company surprised me - I hope yours does too!

  7. Anonymous1/06/2009

    I am in Zurich en route to Rome. Can't get Blackberry to sign into easy to respond. Yes! On more pendants in my easy shop. Thank you. Will write next week upon return to US. Jennifer Stumpf

  8. Anonymous1/06/2009

    Etsy I mean! Real wiped out... Jen


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