Oh, I'm married?

Last night, I arrived home from work, thrilled to be home after a long day in the office. I quickly ripped open my 3 packages. My second purchase from Betsy at Foundling. A single ring, with red and white fabric, to go with the set I had purchased before. It's really gorgeous. Now I can switch out the green ring for the red ring, and it looks great!
A package of large shell buttons from Etsian Feralia, all individually wrapped in tissue for safe travels. They are super. I made this necklace last night. It's now listed in the shop.

And another set of yummy lampwork glass beads from my favorites: The Orange Bell.

Then in a small break from making dinner, Joe says "I bought you a present!" which made me clap and hop up and down like a little kid! I was so excited. It's been a while since I've heard those words.

My super awesome husband, went to Old Navy, and bought me a SWEATER!! OMG! And it wasn't even ON SALE!!! and he even picked out the right SIZE!!

Here's me wearing it:

So after making this button necklace, I thought to myself. WOW. what a great husband. I haven't really spent any time with him lately, so busy making jewelry. We see each other briefly in the morning. Then at the dinner table. and then not again until we fall into bed and are ready for sleep.

So I decided to take a little time off and we spent some quality time together watching a little tv. Reality tv, no less. The Real World, Brooklyn.


Yep, I'm married!