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I wish I knew where this obsession with owls came from. It seemed like it happened right BEFORE the whole owl craze started in the jewelry world. Could it have been a premonition? I don't know. I can't say. But the truth is, I love 'em. I can't get enough! I love buying them. I love creating with them. Yesterday I compiled this list of owls from Etsy. Which sparked some creativity and I created 3 owl pieces of jewelry. Took new photos, and attached them to the post- please ignore: Don't mind my icky photos. I've decided to scrap the light box. it's NOT been good to me. There was cursing. And spitting. So these will be listed on Etsy as soon as I get some daylight to retake the shots.

This first necklace, above, uses a pendant that I first saw in the Owl Bead layout of the most recent Stringing Magazine! The seller is on Etsy, Analiese

Above: Owl Bead from A Bead Place

Above: Owl Bead and Clay Focal: Humblebeads
Ladybug charm:
Green Girl Studios


  1. The owls are all so cute! The jewelry is fantastic! Thanks for putting my beads up there!

  2. OOPS! hahhaha! It was supposed to just be owls but then I was searching my favorite sellers and saw your new beads. They are awesome!
    I'll add them to my favorites again, later, but for now I'm going to remove them for consistency sake. ;)

  3. Great owls Lorelei!!! I love them too, but peacocks will always be first in my heart!

  4. Owls are just plain cool all the way around. The first painting we ever bought was an owl. The artist is a wildlife painter and a friend, we couldn't resist it. We have Barred owls in our woods, they the strangest sounding things, will make the hair stand up on your neck if you didn't know what they were. Those are some very nice pieces you made my favorite is the necklace.

  5. Love the collection of owls! I have been making tons of them this week, so you are not alone in your love for the wise ones!

  6. everytime I see an owl, I now think of you Lorelei!

  7. How adorable! Love them!


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