my resolutions:
Get more organized in the paperwork department.
Lose weight.
Stay Focused.
Grow my hair out.
Stop drinking coffee.
Exercise more.
Start taking Yoga.
Get my anger under control.
Clean the office.
Save Money.
Curb spending.

Here are some new pieces that I created yesterday. Check them out at the shop!


  1. well honey, if you STOP drinking coffee how on earth are you going to curb your anger. Stopping will just make it worse - trust me. Moderation. Besides why would you want to give up one of the best smells and tastes there is????

    Crazy girl.

    Good luck on your resolutions!

    Hugs - Lindy

  2. Anonymous1/02/2009

    Hey Lorelei
    When you figure out how to get your age under control, let me know! I'm older than you and I'd like to figure that one out too!:-)

  3. Anonymous1/03/2009

    We share many of the same resolutions! The hardest one for me is going to be losing weight...I have a really hard time getting motivated to do that. Good luck to you! LOVE that first bracelet with the oval brass charms!


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