Running Late!

I'm running late. So not much of a post today.

Made this bracelet last night for the ABS challenge! Love how it turned out! New beads from Wavy lampwork beads from Blue Seraphim. Poppy focal from Heather Powers. Vintaj Brass clasp!

Here's another new bracelet. It'll end up in the shop at some point this morning!

and, a new profile pic taken today! yay!


  1. I really like your new photo!

  2. Anonymous1/30/2009

    Aww...what a cute photo. My March issue of Bead Style magazine arrived yesterday. I love the project you submitted. You go girl!

  3. Thanks ladies! I thought I was having a good hair day I guess. lol

    Norma, thank you! I am glad you were able to see it. I hope word gets around that I'm in there. I've tried to hit all the avenues, FB, etsy shop, twitter.
    Now the question is, what do I do with that necklace. sell it?

  4. Anonymous1/30/2009

    The necklace is beautiful but do you really want to sell it? It's your first published piece and you might want to keep it for sentimental reasons (if you're sentimental).

    I have already told one of the gals at work about you and your esty site. Her daughter just started making jewelry.

  5. For sentimental reason. I would keep the piece also. Maybe reproduce a few and offer them as seen in Bead Style Magazine. Congratulations!

  6. I didn't get mine yet... I guess my mailing gave it to someone else. Anyways, you should copy it if you can, and keep your original necklace! Way to go!

  7. Anonymous1/30/2009

    Love the bracelets!! I'm especially fond of the button bracelet :) And love the new profile pic! It's a really nice shot of you :)


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