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My friend Maggie recently gave me a jar of buttons that she got at an estate sale. I dumped them out on the bead table last night when I was fishing around my head for some inspiration.
I have played around with some buttons in my designs before, mostly handmade ceramic buttons from Marsha Neal and Nancy of Round Rabbit.
I picked out the prettiest colors, and the smallest buttons and as I was lining them up on the table, my head started spinning.
I also became inspired by my friend Tara. Tara makes jewelry too and just starte
d selling on Etsy. You can see her pieces here. Tara likes to use a lot of antique buttons, and found
objects and old keys.
The piece I created ended up quite Spring season in colors. Light gray pearls and pastel buttons. But I think they lend well to the pretty bird pendant that is Bronze metal clay and made by my friends at Green Girl Studios.
I started wire wrapping the pearls and when I got the point where I wanted the buttons to start I took a bit of break...not knowing how I would attach the buttons.

I moved onto the clasp. I knew I wanted to make the clasp with a large shell button that reminds me of pretty abalone beads.

Here is the back of the button. You can see I thread the wire through the two holes in the button and then fashioned them into a sort of S style clasp.

I used a similar technique when I made it back to the button section. Threading the wire through the two holes in the buttons, I bent the wire out and thread onto it one copper round on each side, and wire wrapped the remaining wire, linking them all together. I am quite pleased with the outcome! I think it's a unique use of buttons and I like the feel it has with the brass wire.

I really surprised myself with this necklace design. I think it might be a keeper. But I might decide to submit it to some publications also. You just never know!
I would consider taking a custom order or two so if you want a similar piece, just let me know!


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  2. What a great way to thread on the buttons and what a lovely necklace.

  3. Thank you Mary!!
    I am particularly proud of this piece!

  4. Anonymous1/14/2009

    YES, I think you should definitely submit it! I know it would get picked about to Step by Step Wire...they might like that unique wire/button clasp. I know I do! This is also one of my favorites that you've made! :-)

  5. Anonymous1/14/2009

    Ooops....that anonymous was me!

  6. What a great technique! You should definitely submit it! Good for you!

  7. Incredible necklace! Love the technique and the mix of color and texture. Lovely pendant too. You're so talented Lori!

  8. Great job! I love it!!! Very unique and the colors are beautiful!

  9. yep, let that bird fly free! I love the button clasp, you are just so clever.

  10. Anonymous1/14/2009

    Oh my gosh Lorelei!! This is amazing...truly! I absolutely love it! You should definitely submit it!

  11. Love it Lorelei. I love the mix of colours and the buttons. I love the buttons! You are so clever. I definitely think you should consider submitting it. LeAnn

  12. You're good Lorelei! I love buttons, been saving them for ever.
    I've got a good colection going too. That clasp is such a great idea...

  13. Lorelei, you are THE MOST creative one! Can I have a little of your mojo, I need a sparklette of your brilliance my dear!

    What's the word? A.MAZE.ZING!!
    You get the best idea of the week award!

  14. OMG! This is incredible! This is very unique. I can't say I've ever seen anything like it. And I've seen lots of jewelry designs. Any button designs I've seen are done with some kind of cord or thread. No one's ever used wire! And that clasp is amazing. SUBMIT IT! submit it now! Great job, Lorelei!

  15. Fan freakin' tastic! Super beautiful necklace! Submit! Submit! Did someone suggest Step by Step Wire Jewelry?

  16. Thank you everyone for your super nice comments on my necklace!
    I love having your input!
    I did submit it. I'll leave the who's and what's a secret so it's a surprise when it comes out! :)

  17. Gads woman you have endless Creativity!!!
    heres a hugg for that! lol
    Janet x


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