Stuck in my head!

What are you listening to, in your craft studios these days? A few weeks back, I was home when Ellen Degeneres was on, and I caught a performance, that blew my socks off! I loved her voice, the smokiness to it, how it was kind of like Amy Winehouse, but better. Well, I burned the cd. It's in my car. It's also on my iPod in the studio. It's on my computer. It's on my computer at work. It's on my laptop. And it's STUCK in my head! I can't stop listening to it. The whole disc is so fabulous. Every song just totally rocks. Here is one of my favorite tunes. The band is called ADELE.


  1. Great find! I'll definitely check out more of her music. I've been listening to Kelly Hunt, blues singer with an amazing voice. She's just the sexiest thing to ever come out of Emporia, KS.

  2. Thank you for posting that!!! I had seen her before and loved it and could not remember the name to look her back up. I can tell she will be on my constant rotation now too. :D
    Also, I am usually listening to Eisley.

  3. Beautiful! I'm always up for great music! Thanks

  4. Anonymous1/11/2009

    Now I'm off to download! Great find!

  5. Anonymous1/12/2009

    I downloaded her cd last night and am in love with it!


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