Thank you MLK!

Yippee! One more day off today! Yesterday and Saturday were quite productive. Yesterday, I was in a zone. My first obsession: Sue Beads. Sue Kennedy's Lampworked glass beads have been sitting on my desk for more than a week. I traded a necklace for some of her lovelies and I'm so glad I did because her beads are delicious! My first 4 pieces were made with her beads.

This first necklace incorporates some of the cooler toned beads from her Earthy set. I paired them with some darkened chain and some silver spacers and the focal is a hand stamped polymer pendant from Heather Wynn. Heather pointed out that the little silver granules on the beads pair perfectly with the aged patina texture. I'd say she's right!! :)

This next bracelet, I used the warmer tones of the same set. I thought they looked great with these wood ovals, that have a nice warm earthy tone to them. The clasp, hooks onto the pewter skeleton key from Green Girl Studios. I love this key that they created. I wish I had a drawer full of them. I can incorporate this key into any piece of jewelry. It's so versatile!

These earrings were made with some teal and cream swirly beads. These came in a second set from Sue. I love the color combination with the copper and brass. They look so nice standing "alone".

This last set of beads, were a set I fell in love with on Sue's blog. She was talking about her love of this stone called Aqua Terra Jasper and she created some beads to mimic this stone patterning. I think she did a fabulous job. In fact, I purchased these beads, minutes after seeing them on the post. Used them in this bracelet where I paired them with some green glass, and smoky quartz. The beads are shiny so it was hard to photograph them, and get the whole depth of color.

This last bracelet, I made with two of my favorite things. 1. Lynn Davis' new line of Asian connector beads, and 2. Red Fossil Jasper. sooooo perfect together!

Ahhh, another day of creating. Hope you have a creative Monday too!


  1. Hoorah Lorelei - I have off today too!!! Love the new pieces!!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful words. I love what you did with the beads!

  3. Oooooh, I love all of those beads.

  4. These are all really beautiful! The bracelet with the Lynn connector is perfection!

  5. Anonymous1/19/2009

    You are incredible, do you know that? So many things, and one's more beautiful than the other! I felt productive this weekend, when I finished just two pieces!

  6. Anonymous1/20/2009

    Hi Lorelei,

    I love how you hook the lobster claw to the key in the second bracelet. There's a necklace I sold with a magnifying glass on the bottom and I looped it twice and then hooked a lobster claw to the loop on the magnifying glass. It was a small claw, so people couldn't even see it if they weren't looking for it. You can see my necklace here:

    Also, I really like those lampwork beads by Sue. I think that it is cool that you work with all types of Art Beads. It's like every piece you make has got the creative energy of TWO people behind it, making it that much more artistic! Thanks for sharing your stuff!

  7. Isn't it amazing when we get in the 'zone' and things just go in artistic flow - but your zone is the taxi lane at the airport, Lorelei, you are in the fast zone. Simply wonderful pieces and so coherent with color and texture.

    Fly me in your zone! Zoom!


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