Day Late and a Dollar Short

I feel like I'm operating on a 1 Day Late schedule here. I'll catch up eventually!! I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Staying home all day (which was A-OKAY to me since I'd just been away for 4) I got caught up on my laundry, cleaned and dusted a little, and finally took down all of the Christmas decorations. Yes, I was holding off because I still haven't celebrated with my father yet, and he was supposed to come up here to do Christmas. But I think that it will be more convenient if we head home instead. The house looks so much cleaner, and uncluttered now.
We have no kitchen table. Joe gave our antique pedestal table and chairs to his mom. I've been without a kitchen table since Thanksgiving. It's okay. I'm not
too bitter. But I finally convinced Joe to go look again at this work table at Pier 1 that we had spotted a few weeks ago. It would work perfectly as a kitchen table. It has a walnut stained top, and the sides are a light gray, and have nice shelving on each end. It's also taller, than a normal table. We get to Pier 1 and already the stars aren't lining up in my favor- the price is $100 MORE than what I had told him it was. Finally convincing him that it will work really well and that's the one I want, we ask a clerk. That's the FLOOR Model. She checks the stock, and of course, No they don't have any in stock and they would have to order 1. Could take 2 weeks to come in.
Well, that was that. We left. Checked out another furniture store, with no luck. So my wait for a kitchen table continues.
Came home and I cooked Sam the Cooking Guy's recipe for Pasta Puttanesca. My absolute favorite of his recipes. It was so comforting, to eat a nice home cooked meal, after eating every meal out for 4 days. Then we settled in and watched the premiere episode of SURVIVOR. It was so good! We love that show.
I gave Joe this photograph from the very talented SARAH SKEEN. It's a curled Fern, but in actuality, it's a Fiddlehead. Joe's grandmother, who grew up in northern Maine, used to travel up there every spring and pick piles and piles of Fiddleheads. She'd clean them and freeze them, and when we would go to Connecticut to visit, we would BEG her for at least 1 bag! They are so amazing, blanched, and sauted with a bit of butter and lemon. OMG. delicious!
I am finally getting back into the studio today. Joe's friend Larry is coming up from the Glens Falls area, to spend the night, and during the day they're going out ice fishing. I'll have the whole day to my thang! First I must clean, because the studio is a big fat mess.
Hopefully, new jewelry later! yay!


  1. I tend to feel that way all the time anymore! Have a great day!

  2. Anonymous2/15/2009

    Looks like you had a yummy meal...I'll have to try the recipe although I don't know if all the kids would eat it. :-( Have fun creating today!


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