February Art Bead Scene Challenge- The Kiss

I worked on two Art Bead Scene submissions today.

Inspired by The Kiss by Klimt; I contacted Jenn of Blue Seraphim, and asked her if she could create a series of beads that mimic the polka dotted areas of the woman's dress.

Jen created these lovely rounds with the same color scheme and elongated dots.
I created a fringe detail by wire wrapping small sections of matte gold seed beads. Three large loops of seed beads form the underside of the bracelet. I finished the piece off with a gold vintage button.

I decided to also create a necklace in the theme of Klimt's The Kiss. I had received this funky french script etched tube from Jennifer Stumpf awhile back.

The charms of flowers, below the tube, lend to the painting's flowers in the foreground. 2 lampwork glass beads from The Orange Bell. Purple and yellow lampwork glass discs from Blue Seraphim, close in the sides of the open tube. Double strand necklace with matte iridescent multi-color seed beads, and Czech glass rounds.

Matte gold seed beads with mother of pearl accents that are white on one side and black on the other, which mimics the black and white on the man's body.


  1. love these two entries! My favorite is the green one. great mix of lampwork with the bright color balanced out by the graphic statement of the gold loops. Both of them capture the spirit of the painting.

  2. Thank you so much Heather!! I was trying to think "outside the box". I hope I succeeded.

  3. Wow, Love the one with the brass tube bead - I just made a hollow bead yesterday with three holes and I'm wondering if I could do the same kind of drop on the bottom, you are so innovative! Love the gold colored beads with the drop dangles added!

  4. Really beautiful and they capture the painting!

  5. Love this second necklace! It's so rich and yummy. How's your other shop doing? Do you like that venue?


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