I puffy Heart Wood Beads of Any Kind

I love wood lately. It compliments any and all beads.... whether it be art beads, gemstones, glass, you name it! I found some good strands last night at Michael's when I stopped in to get some crimp beads. Then ran home and after fixing this necklace(see the before), worked up a couple of cutie bracelets for Etsy.

This first bracelet is SO awesome, I adore it. Wood nuggets, with some citrine drops and aquamarine rondelles, and the focal piece is a neat little Daisy connector that I got from Chinook Jewelry.

Then I thought, it's missing something. I looked and looked through the trays of beads, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. A LEAF! Perfect!! The ceramic leaf was made by Tasha McKelvey. I wire wrapped a small aquamarine briolette and it kind of looks like a budding flower. I love it!

This second bracelet is called Zen. I created the piece around one of Doreen Willey's polymer clay rounds that she recently sent me. Flanked with silver tone bead caps, an asymmetrical design of strung wood rounds, with recycled glass in between. The clasp is handforged steel wire. Off the chain, dangles a fine silver charm from my friend Beth over at Hint.

Beading the last week or so has been lots of fun but I am up to my eyeballs in lots of other things. For example, I'm preparing for a trip to Philadelphia. Taking a painting down to the Philadelphia Art Museum a week from today. I'll be there for 4 days. Luckily there will be some fun to be had, as my friend Tara will also be there in town the same time, and we are getting together with my friend Beth who lives outside of Philly. There will be Mexican food, and bead shopping, and all around Girl FUN. I'm so psyched!

I'm also working on a project at work where I am cataloguing/ taking inventory/ and numbering the large sets of dishes in the collection. I'm going to be writing up a little blurb, including pictures, for the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute's Facebook page. Have you seen it? GO become a fan and stay tuned for my blog article!
I am going to be going on the Bead Cruise in March. (Click here to read more)I am really so excited. I really could use a vacation, and this will be the perfect opportunity for me to 1. get a tan 2. buy some beads 3. have some girl fun 4. see some Mayan Ruins 5. swim in blue water 6. see many many things I've never seen before.

I'm drumming up an idea to have a sale to make some extra cash for my trip. I'll keep you posted, but you better read every day because you know how I roll. I like to surprise ya!


  1. Those bracelets are super cute! And I love how you finished up the necklace. Wood is one my favourite materials too. Cruise looks fun. The ruins in the area are incredible. You will no doubt come away with heaps of inspiration.

  2. OMG - You get to go on the cruise! Yipee for you!!! How exciting is that gonna be!

  3. I wish I could go, but I'm traveling the first week in April to an undisclosed location to take some workshops, so something had to give, you know?

    And ... The re-make of the necklace is absolutely on target - great to see that a designer does sometimes have to undo and re-do - it's not just ME! LOL

    Thanks for sharing the process. Pack sunscreen! and send us virtual postcards.

  4. OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD! How F%$^#&NG COOL! Oh! And the bracelets are super cute! I just did a very excited little dance for you! PHOTOS!PHOTOS!PHOTOS!

  5. Anonymous2/03/2009

    I am so HAPPY for you!! You totally deserve that cruise!! I can't wait to see a detailed blog post when you get back!!

  6. Congrats on being in Bead Style, great work!

  7. Lorelei, I am so jealous that you get to go on the bead cruise! That will have to be just sooo much fun! I looked at the classes. They all look great. What a great trip!

  8. I REALLY like the bracelet with Chinook's connector! Got my Bead Style book today...great necklace!
    We are gonna have so much fun on the cruise, I am chomping at the bit!

  9. Thanks everyone! I will absolutely blog all about it when I get back.
    It will be hard to be away from the blog for 7 full days!!! I don't think that's ever happened!

  10. Love what you did with the connector! I'm so jealous that you're going on the bead cruise, lucky duck!

  11. Hi Lorelei! Hey thats a Nice necklace the re~make and yippie its a comin to my house lol!
    It was so nice e~mailing with you...your a keeper. Hope this helps witht e Cruise...WTG!
    Janet x

  12. Anonymous2/05/2009

    it's my first time here in your blog and i'm very much impressed with your beadwork! your jewelries are lovely and the designs are mostly one-of-a-kind. fantastic job!


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