In need of a vacation. and an eyebrow wax. yikes!

Don't I look like I could use a vacation? Look how tired my eyes are. Anyway, here I am sporting some cutie earrings I made with some awesome ceramic tiles that Nancy (Round Rabbit) sent me. I won a giveaway, and got several of these ceramic beauties. I got so lucky because these two were the exact same color. Although the prints are different, one has cloud type forms on it, the other has a leaf, they really look cool and what better way to sport an Asymmetrical look but with earrings?? I think these are the bomb. Thanks Nancy for sending these.
Look forward to more jewelry using these tiles, in the shop soon. These earrings will be listed today!


  1. The earrings look fab! (be careful with the eyebrow waxing - I speak from experience). :)

  2. Anonymous2/04/2009

    Lorelei, you're beautiful inside and out!

  3. I did the eyebrow wax one-time. Not something I will ever do again. Love the earrings!

  4. Anonymous2/04/2009

    Fab earrings!! I always do my eyebrow waxing when I can come straight home....I always get so red and swollen LOL

  5. oh c'mon you look gorgeous! you won't see me posting pictures of my eyebrows anytime soon :)

  6. I like the tiles too. I made some out of polymer a while back, and lately I've had this idea to make a pendant with sky blue color and white wispy clouds! I gotta work on that soon.
    I love tweezing my eyebrows! Really I have too, they grow where I don't want them. Now I have to use a mirror that's like 10x. Plus I have to cut my eyebrows with regular sissors. Brush them up and cut'em straight across. They'll grow an inch long I think if I don't. It's an every couple/few week thing with me. They really grow fast and start looking all crazy.
    Sorry so long a post...

  7. It would be so nice to sit on a day off a rainey or snow flurry day and bead with you! Your lovely btw...
    Janet x

  8. On a materials note-- I've used some of Lynn's handdyed fiber, and Heather's polymer and I tried to win Nancy's giveaway-- love her stuff too--

  9. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for stopping in!! :) It's nice to see you here. Thanks for all of your comments!
    Yes I love Lynn's work as well, and Nancy's and Heather's too. You may have also seen me on the Art Bead Scene?
    Anyhoo, welcome. I look forward to getting to know you more!


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