Mish Mash

Sometimes I have trouble formulating a clear and precise blog post. So this one is Mish Mash. Random thoughts. Hopefully it makes sense. It's just how I'm feeling right now. Crazy. discombobulated.

* Here's a new necklace I made last night. I listed it in the shop this morning. It shows off a lovely copper etched pendant from Nancy over at RoundRabbitExtra!

* I finished my Use the Muse contest submission. I think. I don't know if I like it.

*Someone asked me yesterday to list more of my music favorites. Here's an artist I can't live without in the studio lately. Paolo Nutini

* We are starting our kitchen renovation. Joe, so far has painted the tile backsplash which was cream and mauve, Now: lovely metallic silver. The walls, were cream, are now Gray. We got a new Black shiny fridge! The cabinets will soon be red. The knobs will be black. The floor, a vinyl which we haven't picked out yet. Eventually the counters, sink, faucet will be changed. Things in the kitchen right now: CHAOS.
I would show pics but you wouldn't really get how much of a maze it is in there now.

*Check back in this weekend. I want to host a jewelry/bead SWAP. I'm needing beads. There will be 10 spots. First come, first serve. (U.S. residents only please) I will post 10 pair of earrings. (we'll start small) If you want to participate, send me an even trade of beads, or, chain, or, wire, or, jewelry supplies of your choice. Don't have beads? That's ok. Send whatever you want. I'll give more understandable details this weekend. Don't forget to check back in.

Eurto Out.


  1. The necklace looks amazing! I am so excited to see the copper in use (I haven't even used them yet :)!

    I'll be checking in for the bead trade!

  2. I love how you put the beads together in the necklace! It looks great - hope it sells right quick! I'd love to do the exchange, too, so I'll be on the lookout!

  3. I've got beads to share! I'll be back for the exchange too...
    Love the music! He's good.

  4. Another great necklace! Love the music.

    No wonder you feel discombobulated. Kitchen renovations are awful to go thru but so nice when it's done. Show us some pics?

  5. Anonymous2/20/2009


    I'll be checking back for your swap! Great idea! I missed the one Nancy had recently. Speaking of which, I made a necklace last night using one of her pendants and it's suprisingly similar...great minds think alike!

  6. I think in mishmash:)

  7. Very cool necklace! I'm loving her copper pieces! Looking forward to a swap!

  8. Lovely necklace. I too like that copper pendant. I too am looking forward to your swap.

  9. Mary! Gaea! There is one more chance to get in on the trading fun. I posted an apology for having the trade post so early this morning, it got filled up and no west coasters could participate.
    SO stay tuned, about 4pm(est) I'll post 6 more pair of earrings for trading!! xoxoxox

  10. That necklace rocks the house! LOVE it!


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