On the Road again....

*inhaler- CHECK
*camera- CHECK
*laptop- CHECK
*work outfits, casual outfits- CHECK
*comfy shoes- CHECK
*cell phone/charger- CHECK
*ipod- CHECK
*make-up- CHECK
*curling iron- CHECK
*jewelry- CHECK
*bead money- CHECK
*appetite for Mexican food- CHECK

Well I think I'm ready to go! Headed out to Philadelphia on business this morning. Will be returning on Friday. I am taking the camera and the laptop so I can continue to blog while I'm gone. (Did you know that when we got to 2009, I noticed that I blogged almost every single day, except only 10 times all 2008!?)
I hope to do a little bead shopping while in Philly. We've scoped a nice store that also has an online presence, called BeadWorks. I'll let you know what I find there. I am in desperate need for beads, just plain ol' glass/stones. I am thinking about have a bead swap online again when I get back home. So start pulling out your unwanted's and we can get down to business!
Have a good Tuesday. I'll blog again this evening. So, check back later on! :)


  1. Travel safely, and have a BLAST!

  2. Anonymous2/10/2009

    Hi Lorelei
    Have fun!!! Bead money and jewelry are packed so you're all set! Your bead swap sounds like fun!

  3. Have a lovely trip. I've been to the bead shop you're going to. It is wonderful. Shop well!

  4. Thank you Ladies!

    Really, do they have a lot to choose from? Any art beads??

  5. Safe travels my dear, and have fun!

  6. Have safe and fun trip!

  7. Beadworks had a wide variety of supplies, last time I was there. Art beads too. I have two other places I go to that are closer to home in Mt. Airy and Ambler. BumbleBeads http://www.bumblebeadschestnuthill.com/ and Reeds Beads http://www.reeds-beads.com/...in case you are going to be north of Philly while you're here. Both stores are great and privately owned, they all carry a similar type of stock...artists' beads, stones, glass, etc. I've also been wanting to go to http://www.hagstoz.com/ for metals and tools...they're not far from Beadworks. They don't list their hours on the website, though, so you'd have to find out more by calling them (215-922-1627).
    Hope you have a great time!

  8. ...and there's Fabric Row, too, for buttons and stuff in case your friends aren't already heading over there with you! http://www.fabricrow.com/
    (on my wish list to see, too ;-)

  9. Have a great trip. Just got Stringing. Congrats on the wonderful work in there. I am so excited for you.

  10. Mary!! You got a preview issue?? It's not on shelves yet is it???
    I haven't seen it yet, it's KILLING me!!


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