Running in Circles

It took everything in me to come home last night and start packing my suitcase for the bead cruise, iron clothing, eat dinner, sit down and create 2 custom listings. I literally fell into bed at 9:30. I feel like I could use just one more week to prepare for this trip. Going on a 7 day trip is always more stressful than it needs to be. Even though I'm a pretty avid list maker, I still forget something.
I'm panicking about all the little details about the cruise too. Like tipping for my bags, and having enough cash, and buying extras on the ship. I think I might splurge for a massage while I'm there just so I can calm the F down. geez.
Get a grip.
It's a vacation. Not a freakin' permanent MOVE. No I do not need to bring every skirt, shirt, pair of shoes in my closet.

Sorry, I'm just rambling.
Yesterday I received 2 packages from my big Blog Swap! Beth sent me some awesome beads, and leather cord, and the cutest little snail pendant from Green Girl Studios! And Sue from Suebeads, sent me a little baggie of various beads and buttons all with such a beautiful spring time color palette! I think I'm going to try to take a bunch of things I receive, with me on the cruise.
Here's a custom order I did last night. I recreated the Married In Vegas necklace I had done a while back for a customer who requested another one.


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