Some beading issues.

I wouldn't say it was a particularly productive weekend. I did work on some stuff but wasn't really happy with the outcomes. Well, the bracelet came out cute. I made this Red and Black piece for a co-worker. I hope she'll like it. I was trying to just use what I had in stock. She said Red beads, with a little black, 2 strand. The only red I have really is coral. We'll see. I desperately need to get some new beads, but I have other things on my plate at the moment. More about that another day.

Here's another piece I created over the weekend. I love the design of the piece. It's interesting, and your eye moves around the whole piece. And I love the shape of the beads, but I'm not so sure about the color of the pink/brown mottled glass beads. The focal on this piece is a tube bead from Humblebeads. I also used a Japanese wood Ojime bead at the left. What do you think of this piece? Does it need a different color scheme?

This last piece also is giving me some trouble. I love the design of the piece. I used some new Ceramic connectors and a Raku Shell pendant both from Barbara Lewis.

The connectors on the left side of the necklace aren't laying right. They keep wanting to flip. I think maybe I need to attach them different, with jumprings maybe. And instead of wire wrapping the Golden Pyrite coins, I should just do simple wire loops.
I also think I'll have to nix the seed beaded loop at the left. I like the look of the loop but it's causing all the problems.

Here's a better look at Barbara's Raku shell. It's so gorgous, the colors go perfectly with the golden pyrite beads.

Check out more of Barbara's work at her Flickr page!


  1. You sure find some of the coolest beads! I love that raku shell.
    The red coral beads look red enough to me...there are so many shades of red out there! I love red and black together.
    Hey...a little bird told me you have a fun adventure coming up!
    I can't hardly wait.

  2. Thanks for your input!!

    Oh yea? you heard that? hmmm, maybe!! ;)

  3. Lorelie, it's nice to see the different colour schemes you are using. The red and black would be very popular out here in TTU Raider land. I like the pinkish and brown beads in the second piece. I think they give it just the right bit of lift. Good luck with the last piece. It is really beautiful and clever girl that you are, you'll figure out how to get those beads to flatten out!

  4. Hi Lorelei,
    That Barbara Lewis shell bead is great! I think your design is pretty wonderful, too. Maybe adding a small bead in between the seed bead loop and the connector bead might work? It may just need a little elbow room. I like the wire wrapping on the pyrite beads.

    I love the warm colors and the design on the second one. If you don't feel comfortable with the colors, I wonder if changing the beads near the focal to dark wood like the others would make a difference?
    And on the bracelet, I think the variety of reds works well. Maybe it's just what she wanted!

    Maybe when you wake up tomorrow you'll know just what to do with them!


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