Thursday Feb.12

Thursday, my friend Beth drove into the city and picked Tara and I up for a fun day out and about. We headed down to the South Street area of Philadelphia. A street filled with all types of independently owned shops, such as The Condom Shop. lol No we didn't go in, but we laughed about it as we walked by. We found a nice shoe shop on our way, and experienced some really excellent clearance shoes, where I found this awesome new pair of Keen Mary Janes for $40!
We then headed straight to our lunch destination which was a neat little Mexican restaurant called Las Bugambilias. Our lunches were AMAZING and the three of ate for under $40 which I thought was such a deal! If you are ever in the area, you've gotta go here to eat. The atmosphere was really great.

Here is a cutie pic of Tara and I. (We work together at the museum, and live 2 blocks from each other! Tara makes and sells jewelry on Etsy. Check out her shop!)

We then practically ran to the bead shop (man, it was really super windy) Beadworks was a really great store, however they are moving in a week to a new location. A lot of the beads were packed up already. There was still a lot to shop from, but most of the stock was sold as loose beads. ( I find that the beads are much more expensive when they are loose) I also thought the prices were high, but that's typical in a city location. They had a lot of HIGH END AAA gem strands, and also lots of AA gem strands. I picked up a strand of wood nuggets, a strand of pretty rust colored pearls, some Czech glass, 2 vials of seed beads, a pair asian wood charms, 4 carved polka dotted wood rounds, and a pair of faceted jade briolettes.

After we shopped, we decided to head to the local Ikea. It was a nice store, I enjoyed walking around and I did pick up a few things. A tray with some elephants on it, a set of two plastic flexible cutting boards, and 4 celery green pasta bowls.
When Beth dropped us off at our hotel, we ventured to the Reading Terminal Market, and picked up some cupcakes from the Flying Monkey. I had one of their cupcakes the night before, a vanilla buttercream doozy that was possibly the best cupcake I've ever eaten, EVER. And we walked
around, enjoyed the local Anthropologie store, which was amazing. Just the building alone was worth checking out. The details inside, were all original, like this beautiful stained glass dome in the center of the store.
The clothing and jewelry at Anthropologie is so fabulous and if I was ever a very rich person, would only buy my wardrobe from this store. We had to purchase something, just to say we had, so I ended up getting a small vial of delicious perfume, and Tara and I both purchases small Sterling silver pendants that were stamped Friend. Cute for layering with other small charm necklaces, I think I'll put mine on a sweet seed beaded chain. (they came on some pale blue silk cording)
Whew. Long day. We were beat.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS...I love those Mary Janes...I adore any kind of Mary Janes. I found a pair at TJ Maxx recently that I needed to have but unfortunately they were a little too short. What brand are those??? I think I need to have them!!!

    BTW...did you know I went to Mohawk Valley CC for advertising??? I just recently found out that you live outside of Utica. Our good friends live in Clayville!

  2. Hey Dani!
    If you haven't tried a pair of Keen's yet, you have to! I am wearing my new Mary Janes for the first time today and they are amazingly Comfy! Keen is the brand. A good place to find them online would be Sierra Trading Post. Good prices. They tend to be expensive so when I find a good deal, I snag 'em fast!

  3. How FUN! LOVE your new shoes! I, myself am addicted to the "Mary Jane" style of shoe.

  4. I like Philadelphia as well! It's a fun City. Sounds like you had fun poking around.


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