6 More Bins!

I don't mean to gloat.
But I got so many beads from the earring/bead swap that I needed to buy and fill 6 more plastic bead bins! 6!! Between those, and all the beads I brought back with me from the cruise, I seriously need like one more table! I'm trying to think of where I can stash the enormous Lig
ht Box now so that I can use that table top for more beads.
I don't know about you but I can't find anything in my stash unless it's laid out in a single layer without the lids on the bins. There is no rhyme or reason to how they are arranged either. How bout you? Do you arrange your beads in any order? By type? By Color?

So now, I'm not running low on be
ads anymore, but I did run out of chain, head pins, eye pins, and brass wire. Don't worry, I placed a very large order at Patina Queen yesterday. Phew!

Now it's time to get BUSY! I finally got to sit down at the bead table last night. I made a necklace for my cousin Chrissy. She loved the Pin-Up girl necklace that I did a while back using a Heather Wynn pendant, so I ordered a few more of these from Heather and put this piece together for Chrissy.
I used some black lampwork glass beads at the front, 2 red Dice beads, and some ivory antique glass beads up around the back. I handforged the steel wire clasp, added a little chain extender and then attached an adorable little black vintage button at the end. I hope she likes it!

I also put this bracelet together. I received some more of these cool Chinook Jewelry Daisy connectors, and created another wood bracelet using some coral color pearls, shell, twisted wood beads, and a lovely little leaf from Every Heart Crafts. I also included a cool coral color shank button, that I strung on the wire like a bead. I love this design, and this is the third one of I've made, so you can tell, I do. really. love. this. design.

This last necklace was inspired by a design in Vintage Redux by Brenda Schweder. Using different elements, such as Polyester chain, and purple Czech glass nuggets, with an antique Shell button and metal cage bead, I recreated this funky, modern and asymmetrical design.

We'll see how motivated and quick I can be this morning- may be able to get listed a few more of my jewelry pieces from last week. Plus the new pieces too.


  1. I love all your new pieces!

  2. I loooove that bracelet! It feels so right for spring. If spring would just hurry up and get here (my apologies, I am bitter, the weather here keeps warming up to 70, then dropping back to 30.)

  3. BTW, great minds kind of think alike! I made a bracelet kind of like yours, with the ebony twisted wood beads, and button pearls as spacers and a (faux) cinnabar focal, flowered like your ceramic bead!

  4. I use those plastic containers with the sections for my beads also. I wish I could have them spread out with the tops off! I don't have the space! I have my beads sorted by color and metal and stacked on a shelf next to my work table. But whatever you're doing seems to work!

  5. Anonymous3/12/2009

    Hay I see you have used some of the old buttons I sent you. I am so glad. You can put things together in a way no one else can.
    Sosoooooooo Cool!

  6. I really love your style. Fabulous materials! I will have to check out the suppliers you mentioned as they are new to me.
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Thank you everyone! I'm getting back into the jewelry groove! It's so nice to hear your feedback. Keep it comin'!

  8. Did you like working with the polyster chain? I am thinking about getting some of it so I am curious how well it "works"

    Beautiful pieces!

  9. I love the new pieces and it looks like you had alot of fun on your trip!

  10. Anonymous3/12/2009

    Gorgeous new pieces!!

  11. I loooove the polyester chain! I can't wait to get some more of it.You should definitely at least try it out!

  12. Love the bracelet! A signature Lorelei design. I think you need to make more!!

  13. lorelei, i love all your new pieces, but the last one with the polyester chain if FABULOUS!! what's a polyster chain? i'll have to check out that book. i think you and sue beads are in kahootz with the bracelets!! as i said to her, the pure simplicity of the bracelet is stunning! what can we trade?

  14. Hey you! I'm so proud that such a fabulous piece was inspired from something in Vintage Redux! You've got a great eye!

    I'm also going to check back at the March BeadStyle and see what you've done for them!

    Thanks for the mention, Lorelei! Check out Lark's site for artist submissions for my next book on iron wire jewelry! You should definitely submit to my gallery! (Please, please?)

  15. PS Which piece inspired such wonder? I've just gotta' know!

  16. Hi Sharon!!

    Polyester chain is the coolest product. I just bought some recently at my local bead shop. It's like FABRIC basically. So it's really super light weight and easy to use. I used it in a charm bracelet design as well and it worked perfectly. I believe it's made by BeadSmith.
    We can trade whatever you want!! Oh the prospect of that makes me so giddy! Your work is da bomb!

    Welcome to my blog Miss!
    WOW! I first saw your book in person last week when I was on the Bead Cruise. Heather Powers had it as a door prize and I got to flip through it. I didn't win it and was so disappointed so I made a point to go find it at Barnes and Noble and I was surprised that they had it since they never have what I'm looking for. IT'S WONDERFUL! I love it! I was inspired by the piece in the very front of the book, with brass and a big cage bead, and Yellow beads.
    I have designs in BeadStyle, Step by Step Beads, and Stringing. I have a wire piece coming out soon in Step by Step Wire Jewelry.
    I will definitely consider submitting for your new book! How cool!!

  18. Anonymous3/15/2009

    wow!! its been a coons age since Ive logged into blog world. I LOVE all the new designs.
    you never cease to impress and amaze me :)

  19. Heather Wynn, You're the sweetest.


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