Getting my thoughts together.

I've spent the last day or two trying to think of where to begin, when describing the Bead Cruise. I had a wonderful time. I met the MOST amazingly talented and friendly ladies on this trip!
It was such a trip to meet Heather, who I've admired and bought beads from the past 2 years. Meeting an internet friend in person was a little nerve-wracking. I was on my most best behavior though, and didn't swear like a sailor all week. I hope I made a good first impression. But I think they were hoping for a sassier sailor-swearing lorelei. ;)

I have a new respect for Heather Powers, who 1. is like super woman putting this whole cruise together, and 2. is like super woman making these complicated beads every day.

Heather and I made a good team, setting up for each of the events, and keeping everyone happy and content on the trip.
A run down of the first few days. Saturday, Feb 28th, I flew down to New Orleans and met up with Heather, Heather's mom Bev, and Heather's Aunt Rosanne. Three of the craziest, friendliest ladies EVER.
(Thank you girls for your wonderful hospitality!!) We spent the night in New Orleans and boarded the Norwegian Spirit on Sunday morning.

That first evening, we had a nice group dinner with the 67 bead cruisers, and then at 8p
m, got together in the conference room where Heather handed out awesome Gift bags that contained goodies donated by such sponsors as Mamacita Beadworks, Rings N Things, Chinook Jewelry, Green Girl Studios, Every Heart Crafts, Gaea, and many many more! She also did a number of door prizes at each event- beading books, art beads from artisans such as Lisa Peters Art, Lynn Davis, goodies from Ornamentea, etc. etc. . I think everyone on the cruise walked away with something by the end of the week!

Sunday March 1st the boat travelled the high seas for the whole day. That day, there were beading classes from 9am- 4pm. Heather taught a bracelet project, Marcia DeCoster taught a seedbeaded woven bracelet, Eni Oken taught a wire wrapped pendant class, Bev taught a necklace design, and Mary Hettmansperger taught a metalsmithing pendant class. Each night during the week, there was open beading in any one of the conference rooms, and people congregated there almost every night to bead with friends. This was really fun, I so enjoyed chatting with other beaders as we all created pretty jewelry together.

Tuesday March 2 we hit our first port, Costa Maya. A beautiful port!! Heather and I got off the ship this day and found the closest beach to do some real vacationing. We sat on the beach, drank Cokes and admired the teal green ocean water and the white sands. Tuesday night, was the first of two Bead Bizarres- where Mary, Eni, and Marci
a "took orders" for some of their finished pieces of jewelry, and Kris Self "took orders" for her seed beads/crystals/jewelry supplies, and Heather "took orders" for her Humblebeads! I say "Took Orders" because no cash could be exchanged on the boat, Norwegian cruise line RULES.
I acquired some Humblebeads of course, being one of MANY of Heather's biggest fans, and also a lovely necklace from Mary Hettmansperger.

I loved it so much I bought a second necklace!

to be continued...

I created several new pieces on the boat throughout the week. I'll be listing them a few at a time throughout this week as I find time.
Last night I tried putting some beads away in my studio and reali
zed that I got so many beads from the swap before I left, that I could use another table!
The response from the earring/Bead swap was overwhelming. I wish I had more hours in the day so I could blog about each of the trades I received! I hope you all understand that this just isn't possible. There's jewelry to be made!!

But I thank each and every one of you who participated in the swap. It brought tears to my eyes, at the generosity of all of you sending along such beautiful beads and jewelry components!


  1. Lorelei, how nice to have my morning coffee while reading your blog! I'm looking forward to hearing more and seeing what you've been up to. Cheers, LeAnn

  2. Anonymous3/10/2009

    Welcome back, Lorelei
    I've enjoyed reading about your AMAZING trip...what a great experience to meet such big names in the jewelry making world! Gosh I would have loved to have been there!! Can't wait to see your new goodies!

  3. All that much-needed sunshine, plus expert training in a bunch of techniques! Glad to hear it was a nice time for all :)

    at Rings & Things

  4. It was so much fun reading about the great time you had on the bead cruise, I am super thrilled you won the Raku beads- YIPPEE!
    Your a doll! Thanks for the update!

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  6. Lorelei, it was a pleasure meeting you. I am glad we didn't scare you with our craziness! You wrote a wonderful description covering the bead cruise.

  7. Great hearing about your trip. Sounds like such fun and a great time to be creative and be inspired. Welcome back.


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