i puffy heart JADE SCOTT, and you should too!

Jade Scott has been playing with copper, and has created the coolest pendants and charms using this medium with resin and sweet little images inside.

I bought these three today!

Go to Jade's Etsy shop and buy
a few, they are pretty and affordable!


  1. Ah ha! You bought my acorn! I had that in my fav's and just saw that it had been sold. Shucks!

  2. hi lorelei! i came across your work thru the abs and i am in awe! i
    love your great sense of design and the cool blues you use, so calming to me!
    i hope we can talk soon. your trip looks like it was fun, and WARM!!
    i'm jealous!!

  3. Hi Cristi!
    Sorry about that! lol I loved them all and wanted to buy one of each. I hope you have a chance to purchase some from Jade, they are so amazing in person. I bought a few of her silver pieces.

  4. Hi Sharon!

    I am glad you found me! I looked at your blog this morning. I think your work is OUTSTANDING!
    Keep in touch!

  5. Anonymous3/10/2009

    Okay, you made me do it. :-) I've "hearted" her shop for a while but never purchased before. These copper pendants are so beautiful, I couldn't resist. I bought one for me and one to make a piece of jewelry with for my shop! I didn't realize she had the copper available.

  6. Hey Cindy!
    YAY! I am soo glad to hear that you bought a few!! Let me know what you think of them when you get them.
    She is an AMAZING artist. I just love her!


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