Indigo Blues

This necklace was one of the pieces I created in last nights beading bonanza. Guess I was just in the bead mood as it seemed like the pieces just easily flowed out of me. I created this necklace around the blue glazed ceramic ring from my friend Nancy. I beaded the entired necklace and used a Vintaj Brass floral toggle bar at first. The bar wouldn't stay in the ring. I hate it when that happens. Had to take the whole thing apart, restring it, and create a longer beaded toggle bar that would stay put. I like this outcome. As you know, I love to do asymmetrical work. Once I started pulling in beads in this color palette it all seemed to flow. The polymer clay Mokume Gane rounds from Pam Wynn pull out the indigo color and the Felsdpar Jasper flat oval had almost the exact same veining through it as the polymer clay does! PERFECT!

I like this necklace because you can wear it with any part at the front. The clasp makes a nice focal at the front or at the side or the clay beads are a neat focal too!


  1. Great piece! Love the colors.
    Did you just change your blog layout, or am I crazy?

  2. Thanks Judy!

    Yea I did. I've been fussing with it all morning. I'm still not happy with it. but for now, it works.

  3. That is simply stunning Lorelei! I love all things assymmetrical. And I appreciate the versatility of being able to wear something more than one way.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Anonymous3/25/2009

    Thank god you changed your blog! The cleaner the better. Much better for exposing your work, I think. I like your jewellery very much.
    Did you find someone to knit those mittens for you? I was thinking of offering my services, but I think I live too far away.
    Stina in Sweden

  5. Hey Stina!
    Sorry to hear you felt that way about my blog background, :) I thought it was a little busy but I needed a bit of change for a while. We'll see what mood strikes next for the ol' blogosphere.
    I never did find someone to do mittens for me, but now I don't really need them since it's Spring here in NY state.
    Anywhoo, thanks for stopping in!

  6. Anonymous3/26/2009

    This piece is simply stunning.
    There is a balance in your asymmetrical creations that I find truly amazing, This beautiful necklace is a perfect example !


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