Kitchen Progress

We - no I shouldn't say we, I should say JOE, has been diligently working on the kitchen in our house. Here's where we're at now.

BEFORE:Notice the lovely flat oak cabinets and the outdated white ball knobs! And the nice off-white appliances (with exception to the dishwasher which is black) The walls are white. The tiles are off-white with mauve tile accents. ooooh, I know. You are sooo jealous!

Here's what we've done so far:

Joe painted the cabinets cherry red. The walls are now gray and he cut and hung and painted nice bright white crown molding. The knobs are new, rustic and black- hammered iron knobs and drawer pulls. The window trim was painted white.
The backsplash, Joe painted metallic silver.
We replaced the refrigerator and stove with black appliances.
This is the nook for the kitchen table.

I am hoping I can get my hands on something like this table for this spot:What still needs to be done in the kitchen:

New counter tops- probably laminate, that looks like granite, and in a dark charcoal gray
Flooring- Possibly light colored wood laminate flooring
New sink and Faucet
Replace ceiling fan with regular Ceiling fixture
Replace light over the sink with Pendant light- punched tin
Replace light over kitchen table nook with something more modern/retro
Replace that shelving area in nook with custom shelves for wine
Replace white microwave for black microwave

It's coming along! I am excited for the end product. I think it will
totally reflect our style and give the kitchen an updated look
that will work until we can do a total renovation with new cabinetry!


  1. Looks great! I am in the market for new appliances too and am thinking about painting my backsplash.....

  2. It looks great! I love the color scheme! The kitchen is next on our agenda here too, but after a nearly two year remodel on our master bath (don't ask), I need a little time off the remodeling train before I start another project.

  3. Anonymous3/18/2009

    Lorelei, I have to tell you, these are the exact colors in my kitchen! Down to the charcoal gray granite-look countertops! Do we have great taste or what! I adore that color, which is Moroccan Red or something like that in Ben Moore. It turns up in my decorating everywhere. I like the retro table--I used an unusual yard sale cabinet for a counter support. I love mixing found and modern too. Enjoy your new space, it's wonderful.

  4. Wow, you've really come a long way! I love the cherry cabinets. We redid our kitchen from the floor up. What a mess! It was so worth it though.

  5. You go JOE! That is awesome! Love the colors too! How exciting!

  6. Ahhhh your hubbers did a wonderful job on that Lorelei!
    What a lovely colour too!

  7. Great work!!! Love the new kitchen!! Can wait to see more pics!

  8. Anonymous3/18/2009

    I love the colors!! Very nice work!

  9. I love it! We just did our third kitchen. Is it not great to get your own touch on a room used so much?

  10. Did you find a table like this yet...if not let me know!!! I have one in my barn that is a little rickety (can be fixed) and has two chairs to go along with it. The top is not enamel but a gray finish. If you want I'll send you a pic. Let me know via my blog!! :)


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