My New Necklace

When I read Sharon's post last Wednesday, and saw this beautiful necklace that she had made, I knew I had to have it. We worked out an awesome trade and now it's mine! I love the Gaea pendant so much. And the way that Sharon paired the pendant with a key, and some bling. It's just the perfect combination!

She got this bracelet as a trade (with a couple of buttons too!)

Not only do I loooove making jewelry, but I love wearing jewelry too! I have acquired so much jewelry since I started selling on Etsy. It's the curse of Etsy, really. I can't seem to sign on, without finding something that I want, and now that I'm a blog reader too, it's become worse!

You can
Sharon's blog here. Sharon doesn't have anything in her Etsy shop. So go to Sharon's blog and tell her how you feel about that!! You want jewelry, and I do too!!


  1. Ooooh, lucky Lorelei and lucky Sharon. I really admired that necklace as well. The colors are so pretty and Sharon did such a nice job coordinating her bead selections with Gaea's pendant. I also really really like your bracelet with Pam Wynn's gorgeous beads and that wonderful toggle!

  2. It's lovely! I love wearing it too-- never quite 'get' those who don't *shrug*:)

  3. Great colors! A bit of the blue and brown is fantastic! I'm a jewelry addict as well! I like to blame it on my Mom! Don't get me started on etsy! I go crazy!

  4. thanks so much lorelei for showing off your new trade and mine, and for promoting my blog!! i'll have you know i've been working on etsy this weekend into the wee hours, and i SHOULD be done by monday. i was temporarily distracted by an Innovative Bead Show nearby and just had to go!! got lots of goodies though!! after looking at all the beautiful pieces all of you have or make, i'm definitely going to have to start trading more and or buying more! i need to wear jewelry everday to feel complete!

  5. wow, another lovely necklace! i think i'm getting addicted to this blog site - there's just too many beautiful jewelries!


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