RAW Talent

Who: Magda Pasieka
Where: Flickr: MrumruGlass

I met Magda on Flickr. I fell instantly in love with her unique style and I finally received some of her beads yesterday. They take your breath away. They feel good in your hands.
This woman has Raw Talent. There is this certain something about her glass. Every bead is unique in it's own way. And the color combinations are brilliant. If I were a glass bead, I would be one of Magda's.
Magda doesn't have any etsy shop. But she is willing to sell her sets. Just send her a message through Flickr. Here is a mosaic of some of my favorites. (the second set down on the left, is mine!)


  1. Wow! They really are gorgeous... Beautiful colors!

  2. Those are beautiful! Nice find :)

  3. absolutely amazing!

  4. Those are beautiful beads. They remind me of another artist Dora Schubert from Germany. I love the lines and dots...such percision there.

  5. Wow! Super pretty!

  6. Lovely! I adore the new connections on Flickr :)

  7. Her beads are indeed beautiful.


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