I have noticed lately that I am a real creature of habit. Here is a typical day:
Wake up. Pet the cat.
Go the bathroom.
Continue downstairs, immediately poor coffee.
Turn on the computer. Blow my nose.
Sip coffee while reading all emails.
Check blogs. Comment on blogs.
Check Etsy. Look at favorites. Look at favorite sellers.
Occasionally shop online.
Finish one cup of coffee.
Get dressed. Hair. Makeup.
Make the bed.
Come down stairs, start breakfast.
Photograph jewelry.
Update my blog.
Upload pictures.
List pieces on etsy.
Eat breakfast.
Pack lunch. Run out the door to work.
Work all day.
Come home at 5.
Eat dinner. Do dishes.
Go to the studio. Bead
til 9:30pm. Brush my teeth.
Go to bed.
The only problem with this really set schedule, is that days blend into each other and I realized months have gone by and I haven't really done much cleaning of the house, or kept in touch with my Mom. Also I get a little bored and so I am vowing to not live this way all through Spring. I need to get some fresh air. A little exercise. Enjoy the other rooms in my house. Maybe help with some renovating. Ok, let's not go nuts here. Maybe not that last thing. But I need to switch it up a little. It's all slipping by! Life is too short! I need to live a little! But am I having FUN? yes, I enjoy beading, and I enjoy my job. But a bike-ride now and then might just be the ticket.

Don't forget to vote on the poll if you haven't already. It's to the <-------LEFT! I want to do a tutorial for the blog and want to know which jewelry designs you'd want to see instructions for. Blog readers Choice! Looks like right now, it's really close between the Chinook daisy connector bracelet and the owl necklace! Only 1 more day to vote!


  1. Amen, sister! I am trying to shake up my routine some too. Enjoy that bike ride!

  2. Lorelei, thanks for using my bead, you know how to make me feel good! i wore my bracelet yesterday and my co-worker/jewelry maker was soooo jealous. as for routines , i think it's the winter that makes us like that. i personally can't wait to get my hands in the dirt and plant flowers and veggies!

  3. We all need a change now and then...

  4. Lorelei, you are so funny! I find that just trying to incorporate a few changes at a time makes a big difference. Maybe you can go on a walk when the weather allows.

  5. Sometimes it's really good to have a routine, it helps you be productive. I'm not much of a morning person so I don't see how you get so much done before work! As much as I love seeing new stuff every day it wouldn't hurt to skip a day here and there and take a walk or ride a bike. Go for it!

  6. Anonymous3/24/2009

    My have done a whole day's work before you even leave the house! What time do you get up?

  7. I get up every day at 6am sharp.

  8. Love the necklace with the pink/lime colors - very unique!

  9. Anonymous3/24/2009

    I like to keep an old pale blue canning jar full of slips of paper noting things I would like to do--if I have the time. Nothing overwhelming, just small fun projects or outings that can be accomplished in an afternoon (but that I might put off because I have other obligations).

    A couple times a month, I select from the jar, kind of like a fortune from a cookie. The element of surprise helps to shake up my day.


  10. At least you feed your creativity everyday! Some people are lucky if they do that at all. You do get a lot done in your day! Everyone has a set schedule. Especially during the work week it's hard to do much else. But maybe leave the blog and the jewelry on the weekends. For me and my hubby, Sundays are our day. We go to brunch and then for a walk at the state park or we take a drive and visit his parents or we do something fun together.

  11. beautiful things.

  12. Lorelei: I was scrolling through the entries for The Beader's Muse contest. Your entry was there. It looks so gorgeous. I would love to see it close up.


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