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Today is Day 3 of constant hammering. The roof is being replaced. Old Rust color shingles are lying in puddles around the yard, as new Black/Gray architectural shingles are being installed. It is changing the entire look of my Bungalow and I loooove it! I am actually more excited about the prospect that this will eliminate the leaking issues that we were having a few months ago.

The hammering is constant though, and I was really struggling in the studio yesterday so today I'm outta here. Heading to the Carousel Mall in Syracuse to meet my best friend Rosie for some shopping therapy. Plus we haven't gotten together in some time so it will be nice to catch up. Unfortunately, yesterday I blew most of my saved up cash, on some beads at EmMi Beads. Hate it when that happens.

After 3 weeks of struggling with Blogger, I still have not been able to replace my own banner on the blog. Frustration is an understatement at this point. I'm about ready to scrap the whole thing. It cannot be THIS hard to add my own banner. Well, Yes. It is. Have any of you had this issue before? It will not allow me to add a picture, instead of the title/description. It needs the title to be filled in. I find the picture on my computer, and attach it and when I go to View Blog, it's not there. Maybe someone can help me with this before I send Blogger a really nasty email letter? If you want to help, leave me a comment. What I want to try is, for someone to log in to my blogger account from their computer and see if they can attach a picture to the header.
Help ME. Pllllleeeeaaase!


  1. I'd be willing to help with the header issue if you want. Just drop me an email (addy under profile)! :)

  2. Hi, Lorelei: I sent you an email about trying "revert widget templates to default". I'm not really sure what this does though so I'm sort of afraid of making things worse. So try at your own risk :)

  3. Is it fixed? I see a lovely banner up there! :-)

  4. I see a banner too! What did you do?

  5. Looks like you resolved your issue! What was the glitch? Great necklace by the way! Have fun out and about today! I'm jealous of your new roof!

  6. I love the new necklace. I hope your having a great time today with your friend. Can't wait to hear how the two of you spend the day.


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