Switching it up a little!!

Good Morning ya'all! I always think of Paula Deen when I say that. She's the queen of YA'ALL.
So several things on the plate today.
As you can see by the poll results, it was a close race! The Chinook Daisy connector bracelet won out over the owl necklace by only 2 votes!
Thank you to everyone who voted. I am just waiting to receive another Chinook connector in the mail and then I will be posting step by step directions on how to make this bracelet! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, I like the Poll option on the blog. It really is a great way to get a little blog input and it makes it easy for those blog readers who don't normally have a lot of time to leave comments.

Last night I finally got caught up with the past 4 weeks that I've missed Grey's Anatomy. I cannot believe they have Izzie getting cancer- that is just soooo dramatic. I think that the low 5% odds to live, is a bit much, don't you? Great show but come on people! I have more opinions about this but would rather not hash it out here.

Anyway, I was a beading maniac again last night and created the following pieces.
I am particularly fond of the brass bird bracelet and I also am very fond of the Button necklace, but you know how I feel about buttons. This necklace took some time- almost 2 hours to create.

This is always a struggle, to be able to put a price tag on time. Pricing this necklace will be tricky. The pendant from Heather Wynn is a beauty, and the buttons are all antique. With exception to the button on the clasp. That sweet piece came from JoAnn Fabrics, if you can believe it!!
The button on the button bracelet is also from JoAnn's!

I just want to say Thank you to that super special blog reader that suggested I check out the button collection at JoAnn's. I found really great deals, on buttons that are really quite beautiful and even though they are not vintage, they still add a great vintage feeling to my pieces of jewelry!

I've decided to switch it up a little today! I was talking with a friend through convo and she told me that she was bummed because she leaves for work before I even get out of bed in the morning, and does not even get a chance to see my newest Etsy listings until she gets home. So as I was writing her back, it hit me! WHY do I NEED to list things first thing in the morning? Why not try blogging, do photography all in the morning, but list things in the evening? And then I thought, wonder if that would change the amount of views that come in. I wonder if more people are looking or different people are looking around on Etsy after work. So today is the test. I'll blog the pieces, and then shoppers can all sweat it out, and I'll list them this evening in the shop.
Sound good?
Hey why not. I'm my own boss right?

BY THE WAY- I'm going to have a little STIMULUS sale today. Take 20% off any one item in my Etsy shop. All you blog readers out there, just type STIMULUS in the Notes to Seller and I'll send you a revised invoice!

I am only 3 sales away from 500 SALES! Be my 500th sale and get a little extra in your package! :)


  1. Good Morning Dear! I'm glad you got some good finds at Joann's! Love all the new pieces - you're right, that button necklace does look time consuming! Whew!

  2. Hey Heather!
    I definitely found some good buttons at JoAnn's.
    The necklace was time-consuming but so worth it.

  3. That's a button on the bracelet? How cool is that.

  4. FO Shizzle!! Isn't it cool LeAnn!?? JoAnn Fabrics has 'em!!

  5. You are a machine! I'm going to try to make a mandrel contraption so I can make regular buttons! Watch for them!

  6. That button necklace is spectacular! And I am definitely going to have to go to JoAnn's and check out the buttons!

  7. Too cool that you're so close to 500 sales!!!! Betcha get em before the weekend is over :)

  8. Love your take on the button necklace and your stimulus deal :) super clever!

  9. Can't wait for Grey's tonite. Great sale idea, good luck! Also.....
    I just nominated your blog for Lemonade award! You can check out the details at my blog. : )

  10. Love the buttons! I have been a button fan from way back when...you never know where you can find just the right one to fill in!

  11. really pretty! I find lovely antique abalone, sterling and shell buttons on ebay and in antique shops. quilting shops are another excellent resource for quirky and interesting buttons, mass produced and artisan buttons alike.

  12. Anonymous3/26/2009

    all lovely pieces, great job. let us know if the number of views change.

  13. These pieces are so beautiful and really out of the ordinary that we so much of on Etsy. The pictures are impressive as well! Makes me want to upgrade my lighting setup... glad I stumbled on your blog!

  14. Anonymous3/28/2009

    great idea with the stimulus sale. you are such a cutie :)
    lovin all the new pieces. pure aweseomeness.


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