Ahh, good to be home!

We got back from Connecticut yesterday. We left at 6am so I could go in to work yesterday. After the cruise, I don't have a lot of time to take off, so I kind of had to be there. We had a nice Easter weekend. It was fun to see the kids. The weekend went by too quickly. They are getting to that age now where they just say the funniest things. Max, especially. He's 6 years old, and has a lot to say. Always so inquisitive. And quite sensitive. Alexandra is such a sweetie. The older she gets, the better she is. She went through the terrible 1s, 2s, AND 3s. She'll be 4 in May.
Being away from the bead table, all week last week and then all weekend, I was more than relieved to be able to sit down and create last night. At first, I was stumped. You know the feeling, I sat down, and just couldn't wrap my head around the first project. Not really sure WHAT I was going to work on. I finally created 2 bracelets, and a pair of earrings. I'm easing into it, you could say.
Wish I could stay home for a whole week. OH think of all the stuff I could get done! Joe has this week off from school for Easter break. L U C K Y. At least he still gets up early in the morning. That'd be even tougher for me, if he got to stay in bed, while I got up for work. ick! I have to admit. Sometimes I really hate having a day job.
Oh, so friday I went and got my hair cut. I was desperate. There comes a point where, enough is enough. I was trying to grow it out a bit so that I could have the style I wanted, a chin-length bob where the front is a bit longer than the back. It turned out okay. I've been wearing it straightened and curled under all weekend. Today I'm going to try it flipped. Cuz that's the kind of mood I'm in. Sass.y.


  1. Love the haircut! Very Sassy! Just what you need when you don't want to be at work.

  2. Love the haircut and all the new pretties!

  3. Love the bracelets! The hair is VERY cute! Living in Houston, my hair is SO difficult to deal with sometimes - it can look cute when I get dressed, and then I go outside and hit the humidity and POOF - frizzy mess :o)

    I got my tote bag yesterday - it's super cute!

    Katie :o)

  4. Love the hair, love the jewelry! What do you eat to make you so productive and creative!?!?!? I want some. I see someone snapped those cute earrings up as soon as you listed them!

  5. I love the hair cut - I need one and keep putting if off - maybe this week. My problem, don't know how short I want to go but just don't want the same old look. Great bracelets and earrings - you are easing into it just fine!!!!

  6. Super cut hair cut! I am in need of some creative inspiration...maybe a new 'do would do the trick! I have an appointment on Thursday...
    I love your jewelry Lorelei. So fresh and lovely. And I hear ya on the day job thing...this 9p to midnight beading is killing me (and ruining my eyesight!)
    Enjoy the day! Happy Easter!

  7. It's tough getting back to the ole routine, isn't it? Your new haircut is super cute! And your new bracelets are colorful and beautiful!

  8. Thanks everyone!!
    I am pumped by all of your comments on the hair. It's rare that I really really like a haircut, and seeing as how I went to a brand new place this time, and am this please, is a good thing. I finally, after like 11 years, found a place that I'd like to consistently go to from now on for cuts.

  9. Adorableness!!!! Love the cut:) Fabulous jewelry pieces-- saw them on FB and *love*!
    And I like the grey blog too:) Good choice!

  10. Cute hair! I have to get mine cut. It is super fine and too long so it sits there....pondering....


    Lovely new pieces as well!

    Funky Monkey girl,

  11. I hear ya on there comes a time when enough is enough. I hate it when my hair gets too long. It's such a pain in the azz to style. LOL

  12. YOU look so super cute! Love the hair, Miss Sassy!

  13. Totally adorable hair!

  14. Really nice website. I like the whooshing noise your name makes as it zips across the top of the page. neat! Pretty bracelets. That ladybug charm is adorable. And what a charming picture of you. Nice haircut! I'm thinking of chopping mine to 1/2 the current length. *gulp*


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