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It's the age of giveaways! Have you seen all the great Blog giveaways going on this week? It's craaazy! Here is a list, so you can go and enter your favorites!

If I've forgotten any, leave a comment!

In other news, I am offering free shipping in my Etsy shop now. I always hate paying for shipping, so I've nixed the shipping fees for my jewelry shop.

I have been having a hard time getting motivated to really create a lot of stock- I was asked to set up a table at the Museum gift shop during the Arts Festival this year. Which means, I need to really get busy. Not only make a lot of jewelry but come up with a nice table plan for display. The trick is, doing it on a budget. It's so easy to blow a lot of cash by buying jewelry display boards, and signage, and table clothes etc etc. If you have any tips, let me know. I am open to any and all suggestions. As I come up with ideas, I'm sure I'll run them all by you. I always need a little encouragement.

I spent some time in the studio last night. A couple of custom orders, and a couple of necklaces that I'm not sure about. Let me know what you think.

The first one - I created using some handmade ceramic buttons that Mellisa at Chinook Jewelry sent me. I think I want to submit this to a magazine publication, but I'd like your opinion first. The colors of the buttons have kind of an Ombre effect, one color fading into another. And the colors went perfectly with this little owl pendant from Gaea. (by the way, Gaea is having FREE SHIPPING til the 6th!)

This second necklace, I created- with Fall in mind, but only because the GGS pendant of a tree, has no leaves. I added one of Erin's leaves to add a little pizazz. Plus I was soo very inspired by Andrew's jewelry designs that he posted on his blog yesterday. I really am enjoying this deep red and green color palette. I think I'll list this one in my shop. Necklace designs haven't been really great sellers lately. Is it because I create less functional, more showy designs? Are shoppers looking for jewelry that they can wear every day, or one of a kind, unique designs that call for attention? Maybe my prices are too high. Just still trying to figure it all out. Let me know if you have any insight.

Well I have rambled on long enough. Time to start my Thursday!


  1. Hi Lorelei - you can buy a piece of black velvet at your local fabric store, for the table cover - black velvet shows off jewelry really well!

  2. I love the owl necklace!!! Absolutely love it!!!

  3. Lorelei,

    You're making beautiful work, as always!


    p.s. I like the title of this entry. Chili Peppers, right?

  4. Thanks Ladies!
    Oh I'm glad to hear someone comment about the owl necklace. It didn't photograph very well I'm afraid. But it's really a nice color combo.
    Hey Stef! Thank you!!
    Yes it's a Chili Peppers tune, I LOOVE THEM!

  5. Lorelei, I love both of your designs as always, but i adore the second necklace with the tree pendant, so earthy and it to death!

  6. Ohhh! Love them! The little added leaf is sweet!

  7. Enjoying having this title/song in my head! Still absolutely LOVE how you string buttons so they lay flat, the owl necklace is FaNtAsTiC!!!

  8. They are both beautiful. I especially like the second one. All of your had and nice mix of texture, color and shape; and I love it that you say from whom you purchased the hand made beads you use.

  9. I like the colors in the owl necklace! Thanks for advertising my giveaway! Plus I found some giveaways to enter :)

  10. Hi Lorelei-
    I am in Bead Trends this month too!
    I love your work, and I completely understand about the necklace thing not being a great seller...I make pieces like yours that are suited to a particular taste and not the masses. I love your use of materials and placement. Very unique and inspiring.
    Since you are talking about giveaways (I will go check those out), I am having my first for a W.O.W. Pendant (=Words of Wisdom) which you can find here:
    Enjoy the day!

  11. Love the second necklace with my leaf! I love the glaze on it. I also like the red/green colors.I like the brass circle with the pendant and charm hanging.
    As for your fair, I like to try to use things I have at home, like table runners and lamps or buy things I can use for a fair and then use in my home later. Like a tree candle holder,you can use for earrings for the fair and still use later in your house.
    You can look through the photos on the jewelry booth displays group on Flickr for some ideas. I'm sure you will come up with something great!

  12. I love both necklaces. I say go ahead and submit the owl necklace to the magazine.

  13. these are WON-DER-FUL !!!!

  14. Hi Lorelei
    Beautiful new designs AS USUAL! I myself look more for jewelry that I can wear every day. But like you, when I make jewelry it's my chance to express my creative side. Your prices are more than reasonable. How generous of you to now offer free shipping!

  15. Thank you for mentioning my giveaway Lorelei! You ROCK!!


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