Has this happened to you?

The scenario:

You have exactly 45 minutes to photograph 4 pieces of jewelry, do the photo editing, eat breakfast, and list all 4 pieces before havin
g to jet out the door to work.
Half way through the photo session, the rechargeable, piece of shit batteries that you have had for a year, die.
Now the time is dwindling. You now only have 35 minutes. So you try to recharge the batteries
for the bazillionth time. You eat breakfast. You try the batteries in the camera again, just to see if you can squeeze out 4 more pictures.
Dead. Nothing. Nada.

Okay. Time to move on.
Here are 3 of the 4 pieces I created last night. Could it be that I am already influenced by the new color in my studio??

Attention blog readers!! See this lovely handmade
lampwork glass bead? I got this from a blog reader
who participated in the Big bead/earring swap.
Can you please raise your hand, leave a comment
that you made this bead so that I can correctly
credit you in my etsy listing?


  1. These are lovely Lorelei! I hate it when the batteries die. It always happens in moments like that when you're under time pressure. Murphy's Law of camera batteries I guess. :-)

  2. Those look great! Sometimes we just have to do what can get done and just move on...

    I'm so happy I got a new camera recently, my other one ate AAs at the rate of about two every half hour! Even with rechargables it was a pain in the butt!

  3. Anonymous4/30/2009

    gorgeous, gorgeous, luv them all!

  4. I always have a set of regular AA batteries around for just such emergencies. Cause it never fails there is just not enough juice when you need it. But the three pieces you photo'd are beautiful.

  5. You are one busy bee Miss Lorelei! Blue is now your color of choice to be sure. So pretty and fresh. Looking forward to the 4th!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Hey Lorelei
    Sorry about your camera fiasco...sounds like my kind of morning. The lampwork bead in the last bracelet is by Kim Typanski...unfortunately she stopped making beads last year!

  7. I have a Kodak with a docking station. It has been a good camera for the last 5 years. Once I learned how to use it. *grin*
    I never had he batteries lose their charge. The new bracelets are beautiful!


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