Humblebeads and Mix Tapes CONTEST!


Since I don't have a scanner, this is the best I could find from my teen years.
I was in 11th grade I believe, and my sister in this pic was 1 year old.
This was back in the day when all I had was a tape player and the radio and I'd
tape songs off the radio to hear them again and again. I would play them over
and over and over, memorize the words, sometimes write the words down!
See my 80s playlist in the side bar on the left <-----------------------------
Go on over to Heather's Humblebeads Blog and play along in her challenge
to win some free beads!


  1. LOVE your song choices from the 80s. Faith, True Blue and Hangin Tough would definitely be on my list!

  2. Tee hee! Love it! Bust A Move!

  3. Love your new stuff in the etsy store today!

  4. that? Is a riot! I looked much like you in the 80s and did exactly the same with the "mix tapes"...In fact, I just stumbled across a bunch of them...and I reluctantly threw them out! No tape player anymore! But the memories are fond. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day!

  5. You kill me Lorelei, I can just see you bustin' a move. Thank you for playing along!!!

  6. So far, I think I'm the oldest person playing along - HA! Isn't this just too much fun!

    I'm happy that Heather had this little "get together" so I could visit some new-to-me blogs.

    Here's a direct link to my post for the contest:

    Hope you stop by for some laughs :)


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