Infinity and Beyond

I've decided to have a bit of a sale. I'm calling it the Infinity Sale. I'm going to be taking off $8 from every listing in my shop. It might take me a little bit, so be patient. Why $8? Because the infinity symbol, standing up, is an 8! And I love you, my blog readers to INFINITY. Sale ends: 4/10/09

Mom is sending me some new stock for her store Emee. Mom made some more totes, and some new apron styles that you will NOT WANT TO MISS! I'll also be discounting all of the current listings in her shop. So be on the look out for some good deals there. I also think that one of these weeks coming up, I'll do a little Apron/Jewelry giveaway.

I was thinking yesterday how much of a machine I've been the past 3-4 weeks. I know it's all impressive and stuff, but really I can't remember the last time I sat down and created a piece of jewelry for fun. I normally sit down and rack my brain for what I could make that's 1. FAST, and 2. a good seller. SO this weekend, I'll be a little more free-form, in my creativeness. If I feel it, I'll sit down and do it. But otherwise, I'm just going to chill out a few days. I feel a little burnt out. I'm sure I'll create stuff. But I'm going to take the next week to concentrate on mom's shop. SO I might not be listing new jewelry every day.

I'm a little sad that I've been so caught up in stuff lately, I forgot about the Bead Dreams competition. Which is something I really wanted to submit to. The deadline is Monday. :(

I've been lusting over stuff on Etsy a lot lately. Here are some of my favorites.


  1. Okay made it too easy to finally buy a few pieces I've had my eye on! Have a great weekend...take it easy! :-)

  2. Ooh! I must go check out your shop now! And learn how to post one of those Etsy widgets with all the stuff I want in it!

  3. Love the Jade Scott pendants! I have 2 now, and I think a friend of mine at work ordered (or is going to order) one, too cause she liked mine so much :o)

    Now I have to check out the sale at Lorelei's shop :o)

  4. Lorelei, sounds like a terrific sale, I'll have to check it out! How awesome is that about your new website!! It's looking good, congratulations!!!

  5. Anonymous4/04/2009

    love the lusts :)

  6. Just what I need-- more "needful things"! Like your own little Etsy Treasury-- love it! Hey, get out and smell the daffodils-- they should be blooming already down your way!


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