Markdowns and Newbies

I marked down a few things in my shop this morning. Check out the sale section!

Last night I created a couple bracelets. One is a little too similar to the piece in Semi-Precious Salvage so I won't be selling it in my shop. What can I say!? I too, am influenced easily by a great design. This 3 strand bracelet is one of those really awesome designs, and the color palette is perfect for spring. I used one of Jade Scott's image charms for the focal. I love the wire -wrapped sections of buttons, they are just such a cool shape and add a bit of movement to the piece. Hey I may just keep this for myself!

The other, a big chunky, stretchy wood cuff with one of my new little bird buttons from Sienna Orlando. Look how cute!! I used some faceted Turquoise rondelles and some small cream recycled glass beads from Happy Mango Beads. I love these double-drilled, big chunky wood beads. I found them at Beads and Pieces. I hope this bracelet sells as quickly as the last one did!

I hope you all have a great Friday! Spend some time today reading some great posts about Copyrights. Melanie at Earthenwood wrote an interested post about this topic. So did Lynn Davis. Take a couple minutes and read this post, it gives some links to important articles also all about copyrights! I know I learned a few things by reading, and I know you will too!


  1. Lorelei, I just love what you do with vintage buttons. Have you ever seen the shell that gets left as waste once the mother of pearl button core gets removed? They are very cool!

  2. I love those button stacks too--the fact that they're all different sizes is the charming part! Of course I love the green and red colors too.

  3. Really lovely colors Lorelei. So soft and pretty and vintage. Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. CUTE! I LOVE the birdy button and how you used it in the bracelet!

  5. Anonymous4/24/2009

    I love the top bracelet, it's gorgeous!
    And thanks for the links on the posts on copyrights. great posts!

  6. What a great way to use those buttons! Cool bracelet and the little bird is so neat too!

    Stop on by...I finally posted my giveaway..just might make your week..oh yeah!

  7. I love that bird button and the bracelet. I am on my way to see your new website.


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