Sometimes I am a real pro when it comes to multi-tasking. This week? Not so good. I wish I could make jewelry but really I can only concentrate on one shop at a time. I'm only human!!

After dinner, I was lucky enough to still have a little bit of dark daylight left. Mind you, it's snowy and blowy and cloudy. I was also able to get my loving husband to hang this Christmas gift from my dad, for me. This cute little door knob coat rack, was made by my Crafty Dad and his girl Ellen! It turned out so awesome. They made it from upcycled wood, and old antique door knobs. And although we don't really have room to hang it by a door, I still want to be able to enjoy it. It works with the color scheme in my dining room (gold and red) and whatyaknow!!?? Ironically enough, Works perfectly at holding Mom's purses for their photoshoot! A little collaboration of sorts! ( Divorced parents might not feel so excited about this, as I am!)
I'm thinking I may be able to rig it up somehow to do the aprons on it too. Hmmmm?

Anyhoo, Got these two cutie purses listed at Emee. Plus I discounted all the other stuff too!


  1. That rack with the old knobs is fabulous. And I think it works really well for shots of your mums bags. The aprons will work too, I think. The last phots with the things in the bag it perfect! Love that!

  2. OMG... would you believe I started a collection of knobs to do this exact thing with?!? I love it. I am pretty sure I posted about it after one of my thrifting trips... I love old knows.

  3. Hey Lorelei, I don't know if your mom is looking for any new patterns for bags, but I came across this shop on Etsy that sells really cute PDF sewing patterns for purses and bags! Check it out!
    Their designs are really cute, if I knew a stitch of sewing I would make one for sure! Lol.

  4. What cute purse from your mom!!!! Your new iron did the job:)

    Funky Monkey Girl,


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