Pain in the neck

i hurt my neck.
i don't know how.
i woke up, and it hurts.
the pain is shooting down my left arm.
a pulled muscle?
all i know is, it hurts.
hurts to type.
hurts to sit.
hurts to bead.
(enter swear word of your choice here)


  1. Hot water bottle, gentle massage. Hope you feel better soon. BTW, I love the bracelet and I love the props you've been using!

  2. Oh you poor thing...I hate that. Happened to me last week, I used Arnica and a giant dose of ibuprofen and recovered well. Good luck!

  3. My shoulder has improved with using a heating pad that has massage built in, if you have such a thing available ... and resting seemed to help. Is your desk ergonomically ok, could it be stress? Hot tea, maybe a little brandy and honey in it, purely medicinal of course!

  4. How awful - use the heat it will help. Mine is hurting too but it is because I was at the dentist yesterday - my neck is not all that is hurting - my wallet is too!!

    Hope you feel better.

  5. Hope you feel better, know anyone with a hot tub?

  6. I agree with Sue, a good chiropractor, best thing in the world!

  7. Rotator cuff injury. I get it when I use my right arm to sew, bead, whatever. It's up at the back of your shoulder, about 6" from your spine. Keep your arm next to your body when you work or supported somehow. Tiger balm works to keep heat on afflicted place but rest-- sorry-- it what works. Can be a really bad injury if you keep using your arm-- took 6 months at the chiropractor to cure mine and only took 5 nights of non-stop sewing to injure myself!

  8. I love so much your bracelet, it's really beautiful!

  9. Oh no! Feel better friend!

  10. I've been dealing with some mysterious hip pain I woke up with last Thursday. I've been rubbing Cool Blue on it since yesterday and it's helping a bit. Maybe you could try that if heat doesn't work.

    That's a gorgeous bracelet.

  11. Pain sucks. Heat pad and be sure to take breaks while you are doing things to stretch.

    Beautiful stuff!!


  12. I hope your feeling alot better Lorelei!

  13. I hope your neck is feeling better. Sending get well wishes along with a hot latte and beignet.

  14. Oh no! Well, I love your bracelet posted with this bad news....


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