It seems I can't keep the shop stocked! I'm not complaining!! I love it! I am glad I can make pretty things that people enjoy buying for themselves. It makes me happy knowing that I've made someone else happy! But it also means, I have to constantly be creating. I was home yesterday with a hurt neck. Thank you EVERYONE for your well wishes and remedies! I kept heat on it and was stocked up on ibuprofen, but I still did jewelry through the pain. Couldn't just sit around. Oh. No.
First I made this necklace for my friend Beth. Beth Anderson is one of my longest, loyal customers who isn't just a customer anymore. She's my friend! And a wonderful mentor too!

And I wanted to make her something to tell her how much I love her being in my life. Beth has a really great Etsy shop, check it out here. And she's been blogging along too, read it here. I am excited, I traded with Beth this week and will be getting this really awesome sampler pillow. It's going to look so great on my church pew.

The other two necklaces will get their own separate posts. That's how fab they are!


  1. Lori - you have no idea how you have touched my life. I am the lucky one to be able to call you my friend. Thank you for all you do for me, and thank you for that gorgeous necklace! You rock sister!


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