Spicy Diamonds

I love this necklace. It has all the beautiful elements. Vintage button, Victorian ceramic connectors (Round Rabbit Extra), vintage glass, faceted amazonite, freshwater pearl, mother of pearl, copper chain, brass chain, a copper button clasp, and a really cool handmade pendant from Jade Scott.

Inspired by Amy Hanna's work (buy her book!) I used new and old to create a timeless piece of jewelry that can be worn with anything!

I love the vintage button that I used at the top of the pendant. It's carved shell with some bling, a perfect match to the Spicy Diamonds pendant.


  1. Very vintage and feminine!

  2. Is it not in your shop yet, or did it sell already?

  3. Hi Kristin!
    It's not in the shop yet. I've sent it into a publication for pre-approval.


  4. Anonymous4/17/2009

    Love it!


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