Studio Makeover!

Last night I got home from work and was motivated. I moved the spare room to the bead room and the bead room to the spare room in record time of 3 hours.
I can't believe I didn't decide to do this sooner. 1. The new guest room is much cozier. Smaller room, full size bed. But There is extra room in there as well, it's not just all bed. And the new bead room is HUGE! I need ANOTHER table! Oh yes. Definitely. And a new chair. with wheels. so I can scoot around the room to the tables to look at the beads.
The room will need to be painted. Current color- Navy Blue. New color might be teal or green. Haven't picked a color yet. But I am acquiring some new prints for my room. Yesterday I ordered this whimsical owl print from DearDodo. Vivian is a master at the whimsy...I just love how unassuming this piece is and then, OH! an OWL! I didn't even see that!

Here are some other prints on my wish list.

Bad Bird


Yea umm, I'm sensing a theme here.

I am not quite ready to show you pics of the studio space yet. But I will share them with you soon, I promise. I just need to get things just so. I have to go to Michaels today and purchase some album frames so I frame this set of Swallowfield prints I bought eons ago. I have a couple of other CoriD prints too that I need to get hung on the wall.

Anyway, thanks for stopping in today. I hope you check out these really great artists on Etsy. Tell em I sent ya!


  1. Nice prints! Can't wait to see your new room! That's always fun to do!

  2. You have such a terrific energy level. Of course, I think it helps to be an age other than 60???? I am glad you work room has the space you nedd.

  3. I love to redecorate and rearrange. Have fun decorating the new studio. I can't wait to see pictures.

  4. Wow! A full day of work and then 3 hours of moving things around? I am impressed. I love CoriD's work too. Can't wait to see your new studio space.

  5. Love the prints and can't wait to see your studio! I still need to paint my new space. Maybe you will motivate me! :-)

  6. Love the prints especially Bad Bird - you new space is going to rock!! Can't wait to see what you make there.

  7. Lorelei, it reminds me of the weekend spent moving my studio to the basement, and I'll tell you that though it was a lot of work with keeping track of a lot of fiddly bits, it was so worth it in the long run! YAY new STUDIO!

  8. You definitely have to get a chair with wheels for your new studio. LOL

  9. Definitely get a chair with wheels, I love mine and it is so worth it.


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