Updates, Irons, and Additions

Last night I went to the store. To buy a new iron. The one I have now, is a pain in the you know what. Squirts water everywhere. Has a serious leaking problem. I get to the Target. There are 20 irons to choose from. OH THE CHOICES! I wish I had been able to do some research and comparisons while I was there. That would have been helpful. But instead I just picked each one up, played with all the buttons, felt the weightiness of each, about 57 times. I walked away with this one. I quite like the pink. It's non-drip, and the water tank is visible so I can see how much water is in it, and it's got cool squirt and steam buttons on the top! But that's not the coolest part. It has a retractable cord that gets stored INSIDE the iron!! no more wrapping the cord around the iron just have it fall off by the time I get it stored away! PERFECT! I needed to buy the iron because yesterday a large box arrived on my doorstep. It had to weigh 20 lbs. I opened it to find 9 new totes, and 15 new aprons from my Momma. A bit wrinkly, hence the need for the iron.
I have to say, my Mom has really outdone herself. I can tell she's really enjoying herself because the pieces have little unique bits of whimsy that she's included in each one. She's playing around with buttons, styles, fabrics, pocket shape, pocket placement, stitching, snaps. Also, she created her own little tags that has her shop name and web address on them, they attach to each piece with coordinating fabric ties. GENIUS!
So I've got my work cut out for me. This is why I'm taking a bit of a break with jewelry this week. I have to photograph all of Mom's stuff and list each one on Etsy. But I do have to get into the studio at some point to create the 3 pair of giveaway earrings before Friday. If you have any preferences to earring styles, leave a comment on this post please!! Update: New items added to my shop last night. Okay, not really new. You may have seen them before. But not they are in the shop and they have all been discounted for my sale. :)


  1. That tag your mom's putting on her things is such a nice touch. I think I want an apron just to get the cool tag :)

  2. Well wait til you see some of the new styles. They are so super cute. I just hope they look good on my model. ME!! ;)
    I have to figure out the best way to photograph this new bunch. Any ideas would be so helpful!

  3. Can't wait to see the new goods!

    I'd like to see a pair of button earrings in the giveaway. :-)

  4. Hey Lorelei, I just popped over to the Emee shop. I think your photos are working well. I especially like the ones on your bench. One thought on the bags might be to put something in them to give them a tiny bit of fullness. Anyhoo, just a thought and I think your photos are great. Oh and I love the snippets of detail you've got in this post.

  5. Hi Lorelei
    I bet your Mom's new bags are so cute...I've enjoyed the ones I purchased and she does have a way of placing a bit of whimsy here and there!

  6. Do you think I could be your new sister? Love those aprons and the tag just adds that great personal touch! I think I might fall behind in the family as I am nowhere near as creative as the two of you.

  7. Thanks everyone!
    I'll be sure to pass your awesome words to Mom, she'll be glad to hear it!
    Boylerpf- yes. oh yes, I could use another sister. You're in!

  8. I absolutely love your blog. Love the color and the layout. So glad we're "friends"!

  9. Love your mom's stuff and the tags are wonderful.

    You have inspired me and I blogged about it today:



  10. congrats on your abs award. I like your bracelet. Nicki

  11. I wish I had known that you were iron shopping. I have two new ones that have never been used. I also have one for paper and one for clothes. And they call me a pack rat... ;-)

  12. Is that daisy fabric for a tote? That fabric is super cute! I am going to have to check it out when you get the pictures up...I hemmed and hawed about a couple of totes that I liked, and then I missed out on getting them :o(

    Trust me, I will be more on the ball this time!!

  13. Hi Katie!
    Yes that daisy fabric you see is a cute shoulder bag/purse/tote whatever you want to call it.
    I should be listing it sometime this week. I've got 2 of them listed now!


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