Weekend Warrior

Ceramic Leaf: EveryHeartCrafts
Chain: Theodoras2007
Ceramic Egg: NKPBeads
Lampwork bird: GreenGlassCafe
Clasp: Vintaj

WAHOOO! It's the weekend! I am so glad for the weekend. I can never sleep in on the weekends. I used to be able to sleep half the day away. Now 6:30/7am hits and I am UP.
Yesterday I was so excited to get a package from my new favorite place to shop, Beads N Pieces. So last night I got to play around with my new beads. I love the natural beads lately. Nuts, seeds, wood. Adds to the whole organic feeling of my jewelry designs. I like doing the whimsical stuff too though. I go back and forth. I'm pretty multi-dimensional when it comes to jewelry design, don't you think?
Anyway, hoping to get some more beading in today. In between cleaning the dust bunnies up around the house. And the 47 loads of laundry I have to do.

faceted glass rondelles
saging-saging rings
deep red charlottes
wood rounds
copper rounds- Charlene's Beads

Ceramic Button- SiennaOrlando
wood, double drilled beads
faceted green aventurine rondelles
cream recycled glass beads

Pugahan Half Dome Seed beads
Bahay Seeds
deep red faceted charlottes
bronze glass seed beads
Clasp- AD Adornments
Charm- Fusion Beads


  1. Lorelei, Thank you su much for listing the materials in your jewelry and sites where we ca browse for like item. It helps so much. I do read your blog every day. It is a favorite!
    Alice Howe

  2. Thanks Alice! I like to support my fellow etsy artisans as much as I can afford to! Sometimes it's all I spend my cash on and then I run out and have no beads to pair with the art beads! ;)
    thanks for coming by!

  3. It's all great but I love those earings. Very playful. They remind me of jelly fish. Have a great weekend and don't spend too much time chasing dust bunnies.

  4. 47 loads?? Holy crap!! I don't feel so bad about the chores I have to do today now, lol. You could seriously spend days on Beads and Pieces and probably not see everything! I love how you're using the seed and nut beads.

  5. i love the weekends too...it's a beautiful day here...already hiked 3 miles in the woods and now ready to clear my flower garden...
    thanks for the post...
    love your blog...

  6. fantastic new work! Love the earth brown and the fire red!


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