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Since taking these pictures of my new studio space, I've gotten an additional 6 foot table to have a bit of a space for packaging up orders. It's on the wall where the small shelving unit is. I like my new space! And I think I've narrowed the colors down to 2 options. A nice GREEN or possibly a Teal Blue.

I want something bright and cheerful.
Still have to get a new chair. These folding chairs that I use are probably why my back always hurts, Umm, ya think?? Really?? So here is a Before pic.

you remember how the studio was before? super small

Now the studio resides in the bigger of the 2 spare rooms. Some pictures have notes on them, click them to see them bigger.

my work space. it's HUGE and it still doesn't feel big enough.

The room is actually really large. what you don't see is, the closet and dresser on the other side of the room. There is more space to grow into it. The only thing about the tables is- they are low. And it hurts to stand over them looking for beads. And now that I've moved everything around, I spend 50% of my time searching for the beads I need for a project. If I had higher tables, maybe that would help?

See notes!

Of course, a bigger room only means MORE BEADS! The bead collection is growing. and growing. and growing!

Yesterday, I begged Joe to put up the bird feeder in the yard so now if I sit just right I can look out my windows see it and I am hoping the birds find it soon! We have some cute chickadees nesting in the Gourd bird house we have hanging on the front porch!

Also yesterday, we broke down and decided to grow some veggies this summer. So we went to Lowe's and bought one of these planting trays. It's made by Ferry-Morse Seed Company. Each tray holds a pellet (72 trays) and you poor warm water over the pellets and they expand into this little 2 inch high planting pod. You throw a couple seeds in, and put the tray on and in 1-2 weeks you have started plants. This is our first time doing anything like this, so it was kind of fun, and almost like a science project! We planted hot peppers (for Joe), sweet peppers, 2 kinds of tomatoes, scallions, green beans, snap peas, brussel sprouts, and cucumbers. Wish us luck!


  1. Lorelei - they actually make "feet" things that you put under the legs of tables to make them taller. Maybe that would help?

  2. Lorelei: How fun to see your new studio. It looks really roomy. You definitely need a new chair! The chair you are using is a back problem waiting to happen! I love the bead porn! When I looked at the pics of all you beads, I thought..she must be a genius or something. How are you able to remember and tell what all those beads are and where they came from when you post your jewelry? Good luck with your garden. My daughter just planted one. Already I've been enjoying her fresh home-grown cilantro! Love cilantro!

  3. I have a great desk chair on wheels I am going to get rid of - gosh I wish I could get it to you!

  4. oh you're kidding! darn!!
    I'll get one eventually. just have to bite the bullet and buy a nice one.

  5. Lorelei, I raised my quilting table by getting a piece of PVC pipe and cutting into 12" lengths. Put one on each of the legs of your table and voila' your table should be a perfect height for what you need.

  6. Lorelei, what a wonderful studio space! I covet your organizational skills. I covet all of your bead trays. I covet your beads. OK enough. That is one great studio!

    Break down, buy and ergonomic office chair with wheels. Your back will thank you for it. You will sleep better and you will wake in the morning not all stiff and creaky. You owe yourself this one.

  7. Great new space, looks lovely! I don't know if you are ever considering furniture, I got a deal on a closeout computer desk and printer stand, and they're on casters. Everything rolls around, and the keyboard tray (was supposed to be for the keyboard) makes a great pullout space close to my lap for assembling things, while all the drawers and spaces for the computer gadgets keep everything nearby.

    If you don't need to go the furniture route, you can get sets of casters and that will both raise your tables up and also make them mobile - beading a go-go!

  8. Lorelei, so much space, so many beads, you are so so lucky! Looks like a great workspace! I started my garden yesteday also, it's so much fun playing in the dirt!! Good luck!

  9. I was thinking the same thing as Doreen...how do you remember who made all those beads?? I have to have little labels that tell me what the stone is in the case of gemstones, and where or who I got it from!

    I have over 50 divided containers of beads, so there is no way I could spread them out like you do...it is nice to be able to see all the beads at once though. I have mine sorted by color, so I work more around colors than specific beads. Your new studio is coming along very nicely!!


  10. Well I typically don't have a problem identifying the artbeads in my collection. I tend to buy alot from the same people. But remember when I had the big bead/earring trade? I wasn't so good about labelling the things that I got so in the future if I use your beads, and didn't credit you correctly, please let me know k??
    I tend to keep all of my artbeads in that wood letter tray. But now I'm coming close to having the entire thing filled, I am having to move the artbeads into other plastic bins.
    I try to organize by color but it just takes too long. I'm too impatient.

  11. Love your studio! If you don't want to go the PVC route already suggested, try the bed risers from Bed Bath and Beyond. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love how you have your beads spread all out, how fun and inspiring!

    Coveting the wooden trays. :)

  13. Lorelei- I love seeing your new studio space. I am laughing about your captions...crappy lightsource and all! You have some nice window light...I am in a basement room (double duty laundry room on Sundays) I had some spiffy undercabinet lighting put in and it makes an amazing difference. Yes! Get a better chair! I feel bad that you are slaving on such a terrible seat...but your certainly make the most remarkable baubles on it! Beautiful post as always. Enjoy the day! Erin

  14. Lorelei, if you don't like your light source, try an Ott-Lite. That's what I use and it allows me to work at night more easily since it gives a true natural light.

  15. Love the look of your new studio. That was this weekend's major project for me as well: reclaiming the spare room for myself. Hubby's sick of my clay stuff all over the house, so I told him "hey, lets take all YOUR stuff out of the spare room and put it in your 30x30 garage so I can have some space!!!" Love your letter drawer--grabbed a couple last week for my studio makeover.

  16. Oh, I want all your beads...coventing them!

    With my new house, I have a bead room, too excited for words and boy your studio is clean!! Don't your beads jump to the floor to party, mine love doing that.

    PVC pipe is cheap and will help put your tables up higher, go to thrift shops to find an office chair, I did that and it does a great job!

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  17. I now have a serious case of workspace envy. LOL However, you can keep that chair. :p

  18. I'm lovin' the workspace, I'm in the middle of trying to "design" a new creative space for my mom and me, we have a sorta-small office to do it in, and one requirement is that we fit a daybed on one wall...Anyhoo...my question is about seed bead storage...any good suggestions?

  19. Wow, great new space! My boyfriend and I are looking for a new apartment, and since we're both artists, a decent spare room with good light is high on the agenda. Can't believe how many beads you have!

  20. I'm just amazed that you can keep all of your beads out in the open like that without "help" in making a mess! My cats are just too curious and are really good at getting into things! But, I got my closet all organized with drawer units from Home Depot to keep me organized - and, I know what's in each drawer because of my obsession with the label maker :o)

    As for chairs, I got a great chair at Office Depot a couple of years ago - just keep checking the papers for good deals! I think mine was $99...We saw the sale and went down to the store to sit in them and test them out :o) But, when I do my beading, I tend to work with my lap desk in the bedroom a lot - the high backboard on the bed supports my goofy shoulder really well...It's all about finding what works for you and keeps you and your body feeling happy while you work :o)

  21. When I get back to New York, I'll have to share pictures of my studio too! I'm looking forward to sharing. I just cleaned it up!

  22. neat.....my bead studio is a perpetual mess??? I tend to clean up after I play but.....

    I discovered Pam and Heather Wynn in Tucson this year...and in the close up of your wooden bead box I see that you love them too...

  23. Hey Girl: For your tables, you could try putting pvc plumbing pipe on the legs to raise them up -- like people do for craft shows. I'm glad to see your space is so wonderful -- with the amount of time you spend at the bench, I'd be worried if you were working in a dungeon!


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