Book Recommendation: Enchanted Adornments

You've probably read a thousand book recommendations about Cynthia Thornton's new and upcoming book called Enchanted Adornments.
It's the talk of the town. Everyone is discussing it.
I thought I'd jump on this bandwagon and tell you that you HAVE to pre-order this book TODAY. Seriously.
There is a super special reason that I can't share the details about just yet,
But just know that it will be in your best interest if you have this gorgeous book in your library as soon as it comes out.
Probably around Nov. 15th!
Another cool thing about this is that there is a Facebook page for the book! Not only that but, for every 100 Fans (GO BECOME A FAN RIGHT AWAY!!) they offer a Green Girl Studios beads giveaway! AND they are also showing little behind the scenes stuff like images of some of the pages from the book. It's the most amazing thing I've seen. Every page is gorgeous. And of course, there is a nice project in the book with an owl- can't help but LOVE that!
What a fun way to promote the book. Facebook is amazing.
SO you have a lot to do today.
1. pre-order the book
2. Become a Fan of the Enchanted Adornments Facebook page
Better get on it, time's a wastin'!


  1. Thanks for spreading the word! This book is really fantastic. I really hope that folks enjoy it as much as Cynthia has making it. I also hope that they take full advantage of all the giveaways, prizes, and contests leading up to the publish date!

  2. I just did my pre-order!

  3. Hi Lorelei,
    Thank you for your visit! That button bracelet is soooo sweet!
    And I just love the queen of your castle - how adorable she is!!

  4. Lorelei
    I'm so excited about this book too. I know the illustrations alone will be amazing. I pre-ordered it today! :-)

  5. This looks good! Thanks for the tip!


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