Break it Down

I thought I'd show the great elements I used for this Necklace on the cover of the book. Here's the breakdown.....

AD Adornments
Green Girl Studios
Kelleys Beads
Patina Queen
Beads of Passion

I've got the next few days off, I've got a lot on my to do list. Some that is secret. And some that isn't. Working on putting together some stock for the upcoming Arts Festival. Putting together stock to donate to a sale to help the Candor Soup Kitchen. Custom orders. Packaging sold items. Post office run. Try to get some stuff into my etsy shop. It's looking pretty empty these days. Clean the coffee drips off the kitchen floor. Sweep the overly large dust bunnies throughout the house. (sooo glamorous, I know!) And some other stuff I can't talk about yet.
Hope you all have a good Thursday!


  1. Ah,'re such a tease! Now we gotta wonder what you're up to THIS time! Always keeping us on our toes. Sounds like you're super busy. I don't know what's going on this week but I'm sure feeling that way too. Aren't you getting ready for your weekend away?

  2. Hey Cindy!
    Unfortunately the crappy rainy weather has prevented from going to Vermont this weekend. Everything we like to do there is outside, so we decided to stay home.
    I've got a lot to do at home anyway, so I was okay with it.

  3. hey lorelie...beautiful necklace...i love the way you and honest...can't wait to see what you are up to NEXT... do list...i have one of those...must look at it again...

  4. I LOVE that little brass bird! Thanks for sharing all the design elements. The book needs to hurry up & come already!

  5. Thanks for sharing all of the parts and your supplier list. It's a beautiful necklace. I bet the size of my dust bunnies beat yours! If not size, quantitiy. Did your mother ever tell you a job well done need never be done again? Why doesn't that apply to dust bunnies?

  6. Great necklace - congrats on the cover - you so deserve it. Can't wait to see what you are up to - I hate secrets!!!!!

  7. Such a pretty necklace! Oh and whoop whoop for being on the cover! Still need to make something with OrangeBells beads just not enough time in the day. Look forward to seeing your shop restocked, love your designs.

  8. Congratulations on being on the cover. Well done, I love your designs.


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