Button it!

I've gone a little nuts lately with the acquisition of some ceramic buttons to my collection. I can't help it! They are so versatile, and there are some really super talented ceramic artisans out there making them. No, I'm not using them on hand-knit sweaters, or handmade bags. I'm using them in jewelry and it's a blast!
I contacted LeAnn of SummersStudio Etc. a few weeks ago about making me some buttons and in return, LeAnn wanted a cuff bracelet using one of her pieces. LeAnn sent me some gorgeous buttons. The details on each one, and the beautiful Summery colors- I'm in heaven!

So I sat down and made LeAnn's bracelet using this Yellow sunflowery type button, some wood cuff beads, and Ceramic Mykonos beads in cream, brown and coppery pink. I like how the Mykonos beads spin as you stretch it over your hand

I also discovered another ceramic artisan on Etsy. Leaves of Clay! What's not to like about leaf impressions on a clay button! GORGEOUS! And so earthy, and right up my alley really. So I ordered a few from Michele, and they arrived this week.

I'm getting ready to head to Albany today. BEAD EXPO HERE I COME!!
I've got cash in hand, and a mental shopping list, and I'm praying I don't spend all my cash at the Green Girl Studios booth. ;)


  1. me thinks those mykonos beads look familiar... hmm... i might need to get me some of those... in lots of colors... then not use them forever, lol. oh wait, i already did that!

    the cuff turnd out GREAT!

  2. The cuff is awesome I bet she will love it. Have a great day at the bead show and let us all see what you buy - wish I was coming along!!!!

    I just might have to make a trip to my local bead store today in honor of your going to the Albany show.

  3. The buttons are all beautiful and I love what you did with the cuff bracelet. Have FUN today at the beaad show! Say hi to the Thorntons from all of us! :-)

  4. WhooooHoooo!!!!!!Love the bracelet! Happy bead shopping.

  5. Love Love LOVE the goddess necklace. Never really considered ceramic beads, but after seeing all the stuff on Earthenwood Studios blog I'm kind of getting into it. They look almost like gemstones, or bone or horn. Really organic looking, not like a teacup at all. The leaf buttons fit right into your one-woman genre. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  6. LeAnn will love the cuff, as I do mine!

    Can't wait to see what you got at the show!

  7. J'adore j'adore j'adore !!! Le bracelet est une merveille !!!
    Wondefull !!!!!!!!

  8. I LOVE the double stranded bracelet and how the wooden beads stretch the width to be strung through both strands. That is very cool, along with how the smaller beads will spin on their own!

    I tagged you on my blog at http://kelleysbeads.blogspot.com if you'd like to participate :)


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